Connected Devices Connected Devices

Connected factories, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of assets are just some of the possibilities Microsoft IoT products and services offer. All result in new opportunities for your business.

Big Data Big Data

The more data you collect about your company the better you will be able to understand it. This data is the basis for Machine Learning through which you will detect problems and find better solutions to them.

Digital Business Digital Business

Tap into the potential these revolutionary technologies offer and turn into a modern, agile and forward-oriented business that operates with high efficiency, makes smart decisions and achieves more

Your benefits

Implementing IoT in your organization is a lot easier than you think. You can start off by simply installing sensors and devices in areas where you would most like to generate data that helps you make smarter decisions. Big Data is also the basis for Machine Learning, which is now better suited to help you solve business challenges than ever before. Even less specialized employees can now play a role in building apps that address challenges that are difficult for humans to solve by themselves.




The Internet of Things and advances in Machine Learning offer exciting prospects – both for companies in many different industries and for transformation partners like proMX. These are the kinds of projects that make our teams’ eyes glow and where every colleague “wants to take a look” at what the people in charge have built.


With each unique project, our experts develop broader expertise in this area. So far they have worked on cases involving chat bots for sales and marketing and Artificial Intelligence in customer service.


What is it you would like to accomplish and where else could IoT and Machine Learning products benefit your business? Discuss all option with our team now.


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