Hybrid Hybrid

Why should your decisions be cast in stone? With the hybrid cloud model, you stay flexible and can decide on a case-to-case basis where you want to store data, where to back up files and more.

Productive Productive

Accept no boundaries to your creativity. Build apps using any language and tool. There are more than 100 Azure Cloud services to choose from and a whole host of connectors to link apps, data and devices.

Secure Secure

Azure has received more data security certifications than any competitor product. Strengthen your protection against serious risks to your company and its reputation with built-in security controls and intelligence.

Your benefits

Azure enables you to do things that are close to impossible and extremely cost-intensive with your own servers. You will be able to operate with more flexibility in deploying services and applications. Since this happens automatically, administrative effort is simplified and greatly reduced. The pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for services you are actually using and allows you to quickly scale up or down according to demand.




proMX was one of the first cloud partners around and helped migrate some of the first companies to the Microsoft Cloud. We have been evangelistically propagating cloud technology ever since.


While the majority of companies are only now beginning to consider cloud technology, our Azure team has been going for years. With each customer project, we have gained experience and broadened our expertise. So far, proMX experts have worked on projects that include IoT and AI aspects.


You find some of the main features of Azure on this site. But there is much more to discover. Speak with one of our experts to learn more and figure out how Azure fits your needs.


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