Easy to use Easy to use

Talk to Power BI like you would to a friend and it will find what you are looking for. Visualize your data in an appealing way without the help of a designer and collect the most useful charts in dashboards.

Share and Collaborate Share and Collaborate

Thanks to native integration of hundreds of data sources, you can house all your organization’s data under the same roof. Create and share dashboards in the app or embed charts into e-mails or websites.

High security High security

Due to its highly specific permission levels, Power BI is suitable even for companies with sensitive data. Be completely in control of your data at all times, even with a self-service data governing strategy.

Your benefits

There is a reason Microsoft calls Power BI the world’s most effective business intelligence and analytics solution. There is no other tool that offers you a 360° view of your organization’s data that is this easy to use, particularly for users experienced in working with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It’s for experts and non-technical users, data-analysts and decision-makers alike. Collaboration is central to Power BI but - not to worry - it does not come at the expense of data security. Flexible controls ensure data each user only sees what they are meant to.




As your partner for all things Dynamics 365, of course we can also offer you know-how in Power BI integration. We have been focusing on the business intelligence app from an early stage, recognizing its benefit in analyzing and visualizing Dynamics 365 data.


Our strong suite is the holistic integration of all aspects of the Dynamics world, both in the cloud and on premises. This includes Azure and Power BI. Rely on our extensively certified Power BI specialists for quick implementation of reporting capabilities and for the training of your employees.


There is so much you can do with Power BI. Take a deep-dive into the solution with one of our
and explore the possibilities.


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