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Microsoft’s stated goal is to provide people and businesses the tools they need to achieve their potential. Its business software empowers small, mid-seized and large businesses alike.



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Dynamics 365

This business software consists of a host of intelligent cloud business applications for different areas of your business, such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Service and more, combining both CRM and ERP functionality.

Microsoft recognizes that each company’s needs are different. Which is why Dynamics 365 lets you choose exactly what you need. You can use just one app or several in combination with each other.



This collection of services and software will make each employee and your team as a whole more productive, wherever you are and on whichever device you are working.

Word, OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype for Business and more enable you to work in an organized and efficient manner and collaborate easily with your co-workers.



The cloud is the place to be. And Microsoft Azure provides you with a platform to build, test, deploy and manage your applications. Integrated tools will help your developers become more productive.

Azure is a hybrid cloud that is used by many reputable companies and government agencies around the world. Data security and transparency are guaranteed.



Every business, regardless of size, needs tools that let its employees be productive and ensure data security. With Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility and Security, Microsoft 365 offers all essential business applications in one solution.

Your team will be able to cooperate without any security concerns, your data will be protected against security threats and your IT department will have to spend less time managing licenses.



Analyze data from various sources with this business intelligence tool and gain the insights you need to know to make informed decisions.

Power BI is for analysts, customers and developers alike and lets you create detailed reports and impressive data visualizations.



Make use of the possibilities the cloud offers you. With Machine Learning you can increase your company’s capabilities, its speed and efficiency.

The Internet of Things lets you connect your devices, machines and other assets, integrate them into your system and get intelligent insights that lead you to data-driven decisions. With Connected Field Service, for example, you can turn service delivery into a profitable part of your business.



Create your own business apps for web and mobile devices without coding. PowerApps let you harvest your business know-how into your own individual solutions that you can share with your team.

With PowerApps, the very employees who know most about an area of your business can help others become more efficient. There is no need to delegate that task to a third person who has the coding skills but lacks specialist knowledge.


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