Peter Linke
Oct 3, 2016 | Last updated: Jan 15, 2021
Company News | 2 min read

This June, our partners joined us for the second annual proMX Partner Conference at our company headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. The idea behind this event is to provide a platform for members of the proMX ecosystem to discuss the previous year’s achievements and to get to know other successful partners and business solutions.

During the three-day conference, attendees were given expert, in-depth presentations on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its extensions, had plenty of opportunity to network with their peers, and, last but not least, spent a fun and unforgettable time in Franconia.

Discovering new business opportunities

The proMX team, made up of CEO Peter Linke, Vice President Product Management Özgür Arin, CMO Yevgeniya Pisotska and Sales Manager Marina Proskurovska, provided an overview of proMX’s products and updates to potential and existing partners and with an extensive demo introduced Project Service Automation, Microsoft’s new project management application. Microsoft EMEA’s Rasmus Foged subsequently told attendees more about the corporation’s strategy for the fiscal year 2017.

Throughout Thursday afternoon, Ian Bourne, Director of Cloud 2020, Frederic Peters, Business Development Manager at Real Dolmen, and Bizdirect’s Amy Lynn Kraushaar – all members of our international business network – presented their companies and solutions.

A great time in Franconia
On Friday, having spent two solid days diving deep into business solutions, it was time for some fun! We left the office behind and spent our last day together treating our partners to a day of exciting activities.

Our daredevil guests took off for a stunt flight over the beautiful landscape of Franconian Switzerland, a region not far from Nuremberg. Afterwards, we got into the spirit of the Middle Ages and enjoyed a hearty knights’ banquet.

Join us for the proMX Partner Conference 2017!

We would love to welcome you to the proMX Partner Conference 2017! We are currently planning next year’s event and will be announcing details shortly. Stay tuned!