Peter Linke
Jul 11, 2017 | Last updated: Jan 15, 2021
Company News | 3 min read

Thousands of Microsoft partners attend the annual ‘Inspire’ conference but few end up on stage sharing their success story. This year, proMX was one of a small group of companies highlighted in one of the three Vision Keynote addresses of the event which is currently taking place in Washington, D.C.

On Tuesday Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Worldwide Commercial Business, invited Peter Linke, CEO of proMX, and Stefan Truthän, CEO of our long-time customer hhpberlin, onto the stage and asked them to tell the audience, made up of Microsoft partners from 140 countries, about their successful collaboration.

Rare honor for German company

“It is highly unusual for German companies to be asked to appear on stage at huge Microsoft events like ‘Inspire’,” Peter Linke said. “It is much more common to hear from big American businesses. To have been selected to tell our story to so many partners from around the world is a great honor for us.”

proMX has distinguished itself in several way since becoming a Microsoft partner 16 years ago. It has won numerous awards including Microsoft Partner of the Year – Germany, is renowned for its expertise regarding project management solutions, and was among the first companies to develop add-ons for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and make them available on Microsoft AppSource.

Exemplary digital transformation

The appearance by proMX and hhpberlin illustrated what is possible for businesses that embrace digital transformation. According to Althoff, “transforming products really allows companies to reimagine their position in a market and even create new markets.” And hhpberlin, a fire protection engineering company, is an excellent example for this development.

CEO Truthän talked the audience at D.C.’s Verizon Center through the company’s complex processes which involve designing building safety concepts, assisting builders in securing permits, overseeing construction and providing long-term services. Previously, this involved substantial manual work and a lot of paper-based documents for each project.

Linke recalled how Truthän had approached proMX with a vision of developing revolutionary engineering related products. The first step, however, was to make hhpberlin’s complicated workflow more manageable. This was accomplished by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 which eliminated the need for file cabinets, created a comprehensive digital data archive for each project and streamlined processes. “We can work through the project faster, with fewer mistakes, and rework is faster,” Truthän concluded.

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