To reduce your consumption of Dynamics 365 default storage space, Microsoft recommends moving attachments to external storage. This saves you over 90% in cost since additional SQL server storage is significantly more expensive than Azure storage.


You will not experience any changes to your way of working as the app runs in the background. Whenever an attachment is added, it is automatically extracted, moved to external storage and replaced with a link to its new location.


Both Azure, as the most extensively certified cloud platform around, and proStorageSaver fulfill the highest safety standards. Encryption ensures that only those Dynamics users who are supposed to access and read information can.

Your benefits

After a mere five-minute set-up, proStorageSaver is ready to extract your documents and files, such as e-mail attachments, price lists or quotes. This does not require any action from you since the app runs in the background and checks automatically whether a record contains any attachments. If so, it moves them to the web service. The file is replaced with a link, so even though it is not stored directly in your Dynamics 365 organization any longer, it is still just a click away.


When implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in our organization with proMX, their expertise completely won us over and we decided to continue our collaboration on other projects. We are now working on developing IoT apps that will help us optimize performance of our machinery.

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Sauer, Project Manager Lean Management

All key IT technologies at Staufen are Microsoft technologies and proMX is our Microsoft Partner of choice because they are highly reliable with a high performance aspiration.

Lars Ziegler, IT-Manager

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