Why should I join the Project Service Alliance?

If you have a Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation team or intend to put one together, the Alliance gives your business a boost with the following perks.

Benefit from long-term resource and project management expertise

For more than 10 years, the proMX team has been working with customers who want to optimize, automate and align sales and project management processes without disruption.

Be up-to-date thanks to close links to Microsoft’s R&D team

While developing Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Microsoft relied on the expertise and experience of proMX to make the app suitable for different customer scenarios. Since then, proMX and the Microsoft R&D team have stayed regarding roadmaps.

Extend your project management product portfolio

To fulfill all the requirements customers may have, proMX experts have developed a full project management product stack. It includes SMB solutions and essential extensions for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation.

Join international projects

In a globalized world there is no longer any place for competition. These days partnership is the name of the game. Becoming a member of the Alliance makes international rollouts and worldwide support possible.


I have been honored to lead the development of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, starting from the initial idea all the way to winning the first customers for the solution. I can say that working with dedicated partners has helped us a lot. proMX’s customer scenarios, project management expertise and weekly feedback contributed a lot to developing and improving the product. Moreover, we all have enjoyed working together and with our first early adopter customer.

Jeff Comstock General Manager, Dynamics 365
Microsoft Corp.

To build this Project Service Alliance is another great idea of the proMX team! I believe it is a logical and very important step for all partners working with Dynamics 365 to join forces. At Microsoft we believe in joint partner projects and will always support ideas that bring more value to our customers.
I’m happy to be involved in this project and would be happy to meet new members at Alliance trainings and conferences.

Tom Patton General Manager, Dynamics 365 Global Blackbelt
Microsoft Corp.


Close more deals


Having access to the full project management product stack helps your team find better solutions for every customer scenario. Whether SMB or enterprise, out-of-the-box or special requirements, there is always a solution that meets the challenge.

Increase your revenue


Joining the Alliance is not only about increasing customer satisfaction but also about profiting from other partners. It gets you a bigger margin and lets you scale your business.

Get special pricing


Being able to make attractive offers to prospects can be decisive on the market. Benefit from special proMX pricing for Dynamics 365 licenses due to our Microsoft ISV Embed Cloud certification.

Get support on projects


Get to know proMX and other partners in the Alliance better and jump into international rollouts. Benefit from joint resources and expertise as well as attractive pricing for business and technical consulting.

Feel like managed partner


Let your teams grow and develop their skills by joining online trainings, webinars, and getting access to exclusive documents via the Alliance Portal. For more support get your dedicated partner manager on board.

Learn products and best practices


By joining the community, you get a VIP invitation to the Project Service Alliance conference. Learn from other partners and show the results to your peers. Celebration is always part of the experience.

Want to get some examples or choose the most suitable conditions for your business?



Since meeting the proMX team at WPC 2015 in Orlando, we have been working together on joint customer projects and projects bringing more value in project management area. For us it is all-in-one: partnership, friendship and growing business.

Ian Bourne Owner and CEO

There is no distance between Germany and Mexico to partner on projects, get trained on the job, or be supported during customer onboarding. We are grateful for the support and can-do attitude we are met with, no matter how much proMX has on their plates.

Rodrigo Arias Commercial Director

When proMX introduced us to the Project Service Alliance at Microsoft Inspire 2018, we knew instantly that we wanted to be a part of it. We have found that there is a gap in the market in France for Microsoft Partners that can assist businesses in implementing sophisticated project service automation software like Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. Being a member of the Alliance allows us to become a stronger partner in this area and get support from our peers whenever we need it.

Sébastien Berthier Chief Executive Officer

Having been in contact with proMX for serveral years and having had good experiences with its project and resource management solutions for the professional services and retail sectors, PRIM decided to becoma a member of proMX's partner community. One of the main drivers for this decision was the chance to broaden and extend our Dynamics 365 services as well as the opportunity to meet new partners in other areas and industries. I look forward to establishing a dialog with other partners in the proMX Alliance.

Holger Kienel Managing Partner


By establishing the Project Service Alliance, we want to build a strong partner community and platform that enables collaboration, learning from each other and benefiting from the services within the Alliance. We believe that the market for Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is huge and has enormous potential for growth in the era of digital transformation.
From our long-term project management experience, we know the requirements of businesses, their project managers as well as their teams vary from customer to customer. Processes are very different and sometimes completely unique.
To answer these challenges and to help our partners grow is only possible by using shared solutions, resources and pricing models.
Starting this project, we hope to bring together real contributors, market leaders and ambitious growing Microsoft Partners.

Project Service Alliance Program (EUR)
Project Service Alliance Program (USD)


Kseniya Verpeta

Kseniya Verpeta

Business Development Manager

Marina Proskurovska

Marina Proskurovska

Alliance Development Manager


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