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Why do I enjoy working at proMX? I’ve been with proMX for around six years now, and your colleagues and management are always there to support you and listen to you. Together we always find a constructive solution, whether the problems stems from projects or your life outside of work. That creates a unique work environment. And of course you always get to be part of challenging and exciting projects.
Colleagues are like friends and family. At proMX we work in a friendly environment and play as a team, no matter where you are placed in our hierarchies. Each of our projects comes with new challenges, and every day teaches you new know-how. With experts and years of experience in nearly all areas of the Dynamics 365 platform we find creative solutions for our customers.
Product Development
At proMX, we are a great, close-knit community that feels like family. The climate is positive and fosters growth, with a great work-life balance and a lot of flexibility. What I really like is that my work never gets monotonous. Every single day you get to learn something new, which is why every single day you grow with the company.
Software Development
The many different tasks and new challenges every day make my work at proMX very exciting. Getting to be part of a great team and part of continuous growth is motivating and helps me develop my skills
I love my work because it gives me an opportunity to work with different customers on different projects, and collaborate with Microsoft. That way my knowledge and experience constantly grows. Sometimes that’s a challenge, but it also helps me find my true potential. I get to have a say in many aspects of my work and enjoy lots of freedom.
The positive impression proMX left on me during my first interview is still true today: From the very beginning, I received the warmest of welcomes. My content knowledge is something I get to use every day: New challenges keep coming and I get to voice and develop my own ideas, too. I’m grateful to be part of a team that always has my back – and, of course, I always have theirs, too.
Working at proMX means that you’re not bound to any location, but are free to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and an internet connections. Our team is very international and we celebrate each other’s uniqueness. Innovation is encouraged, mistakes are allowed, and in the end hard work always pays off. There is mutual respect between managers and employees, and everyone is willing to help each other out, whether it’s a work-related or private issue. I was onboarded and mentored by colleagues in senior positions, and received the warmest of welcomes.
Project Management
What I love most about proMX is our strong team spirit and the close relationship to our managers. They are always there to listen, and they appreciate our work efforts. There are plenty of opportunities to grow, too.
At proMX you work with many different personalities, yet the work environment is friendly. I appreciate that a lot. My sales tasks are diverse and exciting. Different requirements come with new challenges, which keeps my workdays exciting. Colleagues are willing to share their unbeatable know-how with me, I learn something new every day, and my opportunities to grow personally and professionally are vast. The stable economic development and rapid growth of my employer makes me and our customers feel like we’re in the right and in safe hands.
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At proMX, we practice what we preach. Each employee benefits from a modern workplace, whether they work at our headquarters in Nuremberg, in one of our other offices, from home or on the road. Our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure allows us all to stay in touch at all times and collaborate even when hundreds of miles apart.