Reinvent your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Are you looking to strengthen your contact relationships across all touchpoints? Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you orchestrate personalized Customer Journeys, generate new leads and keep in touch with existing customers.
Nurture relevant leads

Nurture relevant leads

Nurture leads with behavior-based customer journeys. Score and segment your leads, target them with personalized bulk e-mails and easily design landing pages and forms that will automatically update data as needed.

Collaborate with sales

Collaborate with sales

The Dynamics 365 sales and marketing apps are built on the same platform and thus share information, allowing you to align both areas. Shared extensive lead insights perfectly prepare the sales team for the work ahead.

Make smart decision

Make smart decision

Embedded insights show you the results of your customer journeys and where a change of course might be needed. Data for each automated step is also available in detail for stakeholders outside the app.

Your benefits

Automation is key for efficient marketing. However, automated marketing activities can easily feel generic. Through segmentation, personalization and behavior-based customer journeys, Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you avoid alienating promising leads with irrelevant and impersonal content. The app not only enables you to run all your activities in one place, it also allows you assess the state of play and provides you with insights on how well the different automation steps have worked. Once you have nurtured leads far enough for them to have become sales-ready, a workflow automatically transfers them to Sales, complete with comprehensive insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing (Customer Insights - Journeys) includes:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Customizable email templates help you expand your digital messaging options. Customer contact tracking allows you to create automated campaigns with personalized email messages, tracking activities and workflows via drag and drop. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you send the right messages at the right time.

Interactive Customer Journeys

Interactive Customer Journeys

Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to create automated, multi-level, multi-channel customer journeys and win over contacts with valuable information, consistent interactions, personal relationships, and a superior customer experience. Each customer journey and its individual elements can be tracked, analyzed, allowing you to adapt your content and strategies accordingly.

Customized landing pages and web forms

Customized landing pages and web forms

Use the customizable web page features to create landing pages, online forms, event websites, and other tools for online interaction with your customers. This can be done either by using a Dynamics 365 portal or by using your own website or content management system.

Event Management

Event Management

Dynamics 365 Marketing's event management features support you from the initial planning, publishing and advertising all the way to attendee registration, webinar streaming, analytics and lead generation. Create your event in the system and add all the information you need to plan, publish, promote and analyze it.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Automated lead scoring rules let you easily identify your most relevant leads based on customer contact histories. Rank your potential customers on a scale to define their priority for sales.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

You can add so-called Lead Gen Forms to LinkedIn ads. When a LinkedIn member clicks on the Call-To-Action button in such a LinkedIn ad, the form automatically includes their contact and profile information. Connect Dynamics 365 Marketing to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to easily manage your leads.

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Support marketing with AI

Transform your marketing strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Copilot. Gain a 360-degree view of your customers, seamlessly integrate personalized AI-generated content, and more.

Elevate marketing effectiveness with real-time KPIs and Power BI dashboards. Experience the future of marketing efficiency with Dynamics 365 and Copilot’s intuitive features.

  • 360-degree view: Integrate with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for enhanced personalization, translate insights into meaningful actions within customer journeys, and visualize customer interactions.

  • Personalization: Effortlessly craft customized messages with AI-generated content ideas and automatically incorporate dynamic content to optimize engagement with every customer.

  • Content creation with AI assistance: Effortlessly generate email content using Copilot’s content ideas in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Utilize AI-generated content, including images, offers, and dynamic elements, for personalized engagements.

  • Improve marketing effectiveness: Track business goals, journey performance, and content effectiveness with real-time KPIs and dashboards. Improve customer journeys through out-of-the-box analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

  • Segment audiences faster: Swiftly generate real-time segments with ease using natural language and query assist, a feature of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Why partner with proMX?

Speaking from experience

Some of what proMX has accumulated in Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Customer Insights - Journeys) expertise comes from the earliest Microsoft trainings. The other part comes from the experiences of its own team. Like most marketing departments, it used to work with a number of different tools. Now, however, to its great delight, all these different solutions have become obsolete, their functionality merged in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

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proMX - your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Since proMX’s founding over 20 years ago, we have grown both from a geographical and a technical perspective: today we have subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Asia and we are experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 who have successfully implemented Microsoft’s marketing module in international organizations. 

Whether small, medium or large organizations – we always provide the best possible working environment to our customers. That is why we implement and customize Dynamics 365 solutions as well as develop our own add-ons to extend Dynamics 365 with even more useful features.  

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our services

Microsoft’s Marketing tool has plenty to offer. We’ll help you make the most of your solution and will be right at your side if you have any questions or requirements beyond implementation.


Let us show you how Dynamics 365 Marketing will enhance your marketing processes in a tailored demo. Together we will then establish an implementation plan based on your vision and possibilities.

It includes technical and industry-specific prerequisites as well as security and compliance requirements.

Before the go-live, we’ll teach your marketing team how to use the new technology.

System integration

System integration

The implementation plan will serve us as guidelines when we customize Dynamics 365 Marketing to your needs. The actual implementation will be carried out in agile sprints. That allows you to check every step and lets us adapt the solution along the way if necessary.

Our experts will integrate the marketing tool with your existing solutions and make sure they connect seamlessly.



All Dynamics 365 solutions run in the cloud. That means you needn’t worry about physical servers in your buildings. In case you prefer on-premises solutions, that option is available, too.

The security of your data and processes is ensured. Among other safety measures, your systems are secured by multi-factor authentication. Employees can only access designated areas with proof of identity, e.g., a password and a code sent to their phones.



Do you have further questions or problems with Dynamics 365 Marketing? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.

No matter whether there is a technical issue, or you need advice on navigating your new solution: our support team is available for you.

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Frequently asked questions

The possibilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing are vast. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions that will help you understand the capabilities of Microsoft’s marketing automation tool better. Make sure to get in touch with us if you have more questions – after all, we’re here to help.
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