The app extends Project Operations with a set of functionalities that provides you with a foundation for your individual implementation.



All features have been selected by our consultants and developers, the very people working on our transformation projects, based on the feedback of our customers.



Project structure, time tracking, real-time data: The selection of features is versatile and focused on providing more user-friendliness and helping to establish well-rounded processes.


During the development of proMX 365 Base for Project Operations we decided to fully rely on the feedback of our customers as well as our experience from successful transformation projects. The app unites the know-how from many years of consulting customers and collaborating on projects with the functionalities and tools for Dynamics 365 Project Operations that were requested time and time again.

Why proMX 365 Base for Project Operations?
The solution is a perfect fit for organizations that want to implement Dynamics 365 Project Operations or are already working with the app and looking to close gaps with a set of additional features.

Tools for every project phase


Plan and structure your project easily:

  • Multi Gantt view for structuring and editing complex projects
  • Business project flows for project managers
  • Improved resource scheduling
  • Risk management


Manage it efficiently:

  • Project summary at a glance
  • Calendar-based time tracking
  • Time tracking with precise start and end times for time entries
  • Time-tracking reporting with Outlook integration


And, of course, always keep an eye on it:

  • Extended view to monitor and track KPIs, different project types, customer satisfaction and more
  • Detailed real-time view of budgets, time entries, actuals and data in the pipeline
  • Milestone management

A strong foundation

Are you looking for tools to lay the groundworks for reliable project management with?
Then proMX 365 Base for Project Operations is for you:

Project entity with additional fields for project KPIs and statistics


The Resource Planning app gives you an overview of your resources’ workload across all projects and helps you allocate your resources smarter.


Create a margin improvement plan based on the project contract.


The Change Request area allows you to create change requests and applies approved requests to the project structure automatically.


The multi-project, multi-customer view helps you keep track of your milestones and project progress. Link project tasks in various ways with one another easily.


Create time entries with a precise start and end time in the calendar view. In the same view you can record any expenses occurred while executing a project task.

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