Microsoft Power Automate in action – tips & tricks

Let’s build a Power Automate flow together. Mahesh Iyer, Business Lead, Power Platform at Microsoft, will give an overview of Power Platform components and focus on its Copilot features. Vaidas Grazulis, Power Platform Developer at proMX, will take you through the flow step by step using AI features while sharing practical tips and tricks gained from experience on customer projects.

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App in a Day (proMX India)

Create a custom app without writing code, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform! In our upcoming workshop App in a Day, you’ll have the chance to get a hands-on start with Power Apps and our expert team from proMX India. Save your spot for this all-day interactive training! Please note that registration for this event is mandatory.

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Spotlight on PO: latest updates and features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations (PO) is generating a lot of buzz these days. Let’s have a look at recent updates, upcoming features and the latest information about the migration from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. Sebastian Sieber, Project Operations expert at proMX, will present you a mixture of announcements, demos and Q&A.