Reinvent your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Service

Keep track of all parts of your business and intervene on time to stop negative trends or figures from deteriorating.
Financial management

Financial management

Get a complete overview of your business by connecting data across departments. Close and report on financials faster while still emphasizing accuracy. Dream of more sophisticated financial forecasts? Make them a reality with advanced data analytics.

Supply chain

Supply chain

Use built-in intelligence to predict which stocks need to be replenished when. No longer buy things you do not need thanks to dynamically updated inventory levels. Maximize profitability with smart recommendations about payments to your vendors.



From forecasting to fulfillment, warehousing and output – optimize operations with automatically generated production plans, purchase orders, inventory tracking and calculations that will help you improve manufacturing capacity and resources.

Your benefits

Only good things can come from better understanding your organization's financial performance. With Dynamics 365 Business Central as your business management tool, you will profit from increased transparency, streamlined business processes, improved customer engagement – all of which help you make better decisions. It does not matter whether you choose on-premises, cloud or a hybrid deployment since the user experience is the same. Of course, there is also a mobile version that lets you take care of business on the go.

Why partner with proMX

Collaborations for Success

proMX’s extensive partner network includes proven experts for ERP software. Jointly, proMX and its partners can thus support you in every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Work with companies that have a long track record of delivering success for their customers when it comes to digitizing the most important business areas.

Are you looking to upgrade your solution from an out-grown accounting software or replace an existing ERP solution? Talk to a proMX expert and get individual recommendations.
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Combine with these Apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365
A suite of intelligent cloud business applications. Dynamics 365 is made up of over half a dozen apps that combine CRM and ERP functionality with each focusing on a different aspect of your business, including sales, customer service and human resources.
A complete business solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft 365 gives you the tools to be productive and collaborate efficiently while your data is protected from unauthorized access and cybercrime.
power BI
A business analytics tool with interactive visualization capabilities for analysts, IT experts and developers alike. Power BI connects hundreds of sources of data for insights through reports and charts that create a 360° view of your business.
The only consistent hybrid cloud computing platform on the market. Microsoft Azure is for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and supports hundreds of services, many different programming languages, end-to-end tools and frameworks.

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