Simplified communication

Simplified communication

E-health platforms enable patients and therapists to stay in a continuous dialogue, requiring fewer on-site appointments.

Optimal care

Optimal care

Immediate feedback from patients allows therapists to adapt training plans quickly, both manually or automatically.

Patient focus

Patient focus

Patients can access training plans at any time from any place via smartphone or -watch. Gamification incentivizes training.

How we build e-health platforms

Our e-health platforms are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. We customize the software according to the logic of Any Relationship Management (or xRM) to be used in therapy, follow-up care, company health care schemes or scientific studies. For this, we employ our knowhow in customer relationship management and Microsoft technology as well as our almost two decades worth of experience as a digitalization partner.

Our projects


“MS bewegt!” is a joint project by a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient association and one of Germany’s largest insurers. Its goal is to promote more activity among those living with MS. They can access their personal training plans via smartphone and smartwatch apps. Therapists can monitor their progress via the e-health platform.


This internet-based company health care program from Siemens health care fund (Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse) aims to prevent and treat chronic back pain through movement. Training plans are provided via a web application developed by proMX.


Erlangen, Germany based health, sports and physio therapy center meditrain’s customers can access their custom therapy plans both from the training center and from home via the customized online platform. Therapists can adapt individual training plans at any time.

Our e-health platforms based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used for many different health care purposes. Talk to us about your ideas!
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