Reinvent your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The solution lets you tend to customers’ needs and adapt processes to your very own business reality. Make the most of your company!
Engage customers

Engage customers

Intelligent tools will help you better understand your customers‘ behavior and needs, giving you clues about how to best communicate with them and submit relevant offers.

Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Increase the transparency of your data with real-time dashboards and analytics. Features like an event-driven sales process and contextual news alerts further empower your team.

Customize app

Customize app

Easily adapt the app to your requirements without coding. You can always add functionality to your solution with compatible third-party apps or additional Dynamics 365 modules.

Your benefits

Once processes are more easily manageable, opportunities more effortlessly recognizable, your team more motivated because it can work from any place at any time, performance will improve automatically. To get all of this and more out of the app, experienced advisor and Dynamics partner proMX will be by your side to offer unparalleled expertise and experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes:

Lead and opportunity scoring

Lead and opportunity scoring

With transparent and realistic sales activities identify your most relevant leads and opportunities using scoring rules to define their prioritiy.

Sales Business Process

Sales Business Process

In MS Dynamics 365 Sales, a lead must be qualified or disqualified as a sales opportunity. Once a lead meets your requirements, it is ready to be qualified. It can then be transferred into an opportunity, account or contact.

AI assistance

AI assistance

Embedded artificial intelligence supports you in communicating with potential customers. The AI assistant can identify the content of emails asking for feedback and send you a reminder to ensure you send a response to the customer in time.

Automatic checklists

Automatic checklists

Artificial intelligence can suggest the best time and interactions to your employees. If an email has been opened, AI can automate customer service tasks and create a checklist for further activities.

Email engagement

Email engagement

Use email engagement to see when recipients read your message, clicked a link, opened an attachment, or sent a reply. The system will show you the full interaction history for any message and calculate key performance indicators (KPIs).



Forecasts help you predict how much revenue your sales team will generate in a given time. Use forecasts to track performance against your targets and identify risks that might jeopardize your goals.

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Support sales with AI

Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Sales empowers sales teams with automation, contextual insights, and other AI-powered assistance.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps you improve seller focus and productivity while leveraging AI-powered scoring models to close more deals. 

  • Use AIgenerated lead summaries: AI-generated lead summaries streamline lead management by providing concise overviews of leads and their sources, enabling efficient prioritization of high-potential leads. 

  • Elevate your sales pitch: Use Copilot’s e-mail assistance to write clear, concise, and compelling personalized e-mails by leveraging natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. 

  • Follow up on e-mails using recommended actions: Copilot enhances email follow-ups by identifying action items within conversations, reducing the need for extensive notetaking and minimizing the risk of overlooking tasks. 

Prioritize your customers’ needs and make them feel valued by responding to their requirements at the right time with Dynamics 365 Sales’s Copilot features. 

  • Prepare with AI-generated notes: AI-generated notes equip you with pertinent data for customer discussions, gathering information from various systems and facilitating well-informed decision making. 

  • Stay up to date with contextual news: Copilot keeps sales professionals informed about the company they are working with by providing access to relevant news and industry trends, leading to more knowledgeable conversations. 

Automated sequences, intelligent forecasting, and data visualizations empower sellers, and improve their performance. 

  • Prioritize work effectively: AI-generated opportunity summaries help you to stay on top of your deals by providing key customer data, including buying behavior, preferences, and past purchases in an easily digestible format. 

  • Summarize e-mails: Dynamics 365 Sales’s Copilot allows you to summarize lengthy e-mails into key points that save you time and energy. 

Achieve more

Sales teams today face many challenges, for example fast-changing consumer behavior and strong competition. Dynamics 365 Sales helps you take these hurdles professionally.
Impress with professionalism

There is no reason not to use modern technology to help you win and retain customers. Dynamics 365 Sales provides you with a number of intelligent tools that offer up new possibilities to your sales team. For instance, social intelligence helps you understand your customers’ mood and recognize when a competitor is getting dangerously close to your prospect. Categorize and qualify leads with the help of AI and Machine Learning technology and improve your success rate and increase sales figures.

A suitable solution

White paper: How to boost your sales processes

Sales teams that want to be successful are facing a wide range of challenges. How can they deliver predictable and scalable results in times of constant change? Unlock the key to success in our new white paper.

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proMX - your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Since proMX’s founding over 20 years ago, we have grown both from a geographical and a technical perspective: today we are an international organization with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Asia and we are experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365. One of our areas of expertise is Dynamics 365 Sales, which we have implemented at large companies such as SoftwareONE or RWE, among others. 

Whether small, medium or large organizations – we always provide the best possible working environment to our customers. That is why we implement and customize Dynamics 365 solutions as well as develop our own add-ons, such as proRM Fast Start, to extend Dynamics 365 with even more useful features.  

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our Services

For your sales team to profit from news technologies as soon as possible, we’re right at your side – and we’re in for the long run, too.


We will show you how Dynamics 365 Sales will support your business in tailored demos. Together we will establish an implementation plan based on your vision and possibilities.

It includes technical and industry-specific prerequisites as well as security and compliance requirements.

We’ll teach all users the best way to use Dynamics 365 Sales before its go-live.

System integration

System integration

The implementation plan will serve us as guidelines when we customize Dynamics 365 Sales to your needs. We will perform the integration in agile sprints. So you can check it along the way and we can adapt the solution as you see fit.

Our experts will embed Dynamics 365 Sales in your existing systems. We recommend seamlessly integrating our add-on proRM Fast Start, too, for additional project management functionalities.



Dynamics 365 Sales runs in the cloud. That means you needn’t worry about physical servers in your buildings. Unless you wish, of course, in that case, it is available as an on-premises solution, too.

The security of your data and processes is ensured. Among other safety measures, your systems are secured by multi-factor authentication. Employees can only access designated areas with proof of identity, e.g., a password and a code sent to their phone.



Do you have further questions or problems? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.

No matter whether there is a technical issue, or you need advice on navigating your new solution: our support team is available for you.

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Combine with these products

proRM Fast Start
A project and resource management app that that can be integrated into your sales solution. proRM Fast Start includes time and expense tracking, approval management, project planning and invoicing features.
A cloud app to centralize all your marketing activity. Dynamics 365 Marketing lets you nurture lead with personalized customer journeys until they are sales ready. The app aligns perfectly with Dynamics 365 Sales, letting you collaborate more easily.
Power Apps
A platform empowering everyone to build apps. Power Apps enables different app scenarios, helps beginners build apps with intuitive visual tools and can be extended with building blocks for pro developers. Apps can be built and shared on any device.
power BI
A business analytics tool with interactive visualization capabilities for analysts, IT experts and developers alike. Power BI connects hundreds of sources of data for insights through reports and charts that create a 360° view of your business.

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