Intelligent tools will help you better understand your customers‘ behavior and needs, giving you clues about how to best communicate with them and submit relevant offers.


Increase the transparency of your data with real-time dashboards and analytics. Features like an event-driven sales process and contextual news alerts further empower your team.


Easily adapt the app to your requirements without coding. You can always add functionality to your solution with compatible third-party apps or additional Dynamics 365 modules.


Once processes are more easily manageable, opportunities more effortlessly recognizable, your team more motivated because it can work from any place at any time, performance will improve automatically. To get all of this and more out of the app, experienced advisor and Dynamics partner proMX will be by your side to offer unparalleled expertise and experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes:

Lead and opportunity scoring

With transparent and realistic sales activities identify your most relevant leads and opportunities using scoring rules to define their prioritiy.

Sales Business Process

In Dynamics 365 Sales, a lead must be qualified or disqualified as a sales opportunity. Once a lead meets your requirements, it is ready to be qualified. It can then be transferred into an opportunity, account or contact.

AI assistance

Embedded artificial intelligence supports you in communicating with potential customers. The AI assistant can identify the content of emails asking for feedback and send you a reminder to ensure you send a response to the customer in time.

Automatic checklists

Artificial intelligence can suggest the best time and interactions to your employees. If an email has been opened, AI can automate customer service tasks and create a checklist for further activities.

Email engagement

Use email engagement to see when recipients read your message, clicked a link, opened an attachment, or sent a reply. The system will show you the full interaction history for any message and calculate key performance indicators (KPIs).


Forecasts help you predict how much revenue your sales team will generate in a given time. Use forecasts to track performance against your targets and identify risks that might jeopardize your goals.




There is no reason not to use modern technology to help you win and retain customers. Dynamics 365 Sales provides you with a number of intelligent tools that offer up new possibilities to your sales team. For instance, social intelligence helps you understand your customers’ mood and recognize when a competitor is getting dangerously close to your prospect. Categorize and qualify leads with the help of AI and Machine Learning technology and improve your success rate and increase sales figures.


Like any of the Dynamics 365 apps, the sales module offers a lot of functionality and can be used in many different businesses and industries. It is routinely called one of the best sales force automation solutions on the market, due to its close integration into the holistic concept of Microsoft Dynamics 365 but also because it is easily adapted to customer requirements. proMX supports you in tailoring the solution exactly to your needs.

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