Being able to edit bookings up until the point of submitting increases your control over them. Create time and expense entries on behalf of other resources.


For your project work, create time entries with a precise start and end time and mark the beginning and end of your working day with time stamps.


Improve controlling capabilities through project task dependent multi-project and multi-task tracking with plenty of details about your work.

Your benefits

Time and expense tracking is nobody’s favorite task. Particularly when the tool you use takes up too much time, causes errors and ultimately gets you into trouble with your customer. Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation will not only increase project management efficiency but will also bring about more accurate invoices and reports.


The main view in Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation will likely remind you of an old-school, manual agenda.
The app is just as easy to use, no employee must fear not getting to grips with this digital process.


Create a time entry to record the time and duration of a work effort. You can add a description and note and designate whether the work is billable or not. In this view you also track your absences and vacations, which will be denoted with a different color.


Any expenses occurred while executing a project task can be recorded just as quickly as time entries. You choose between different expense types, pick a service date and subject. Expense creation is also tied to a project assignment.


View the bookings you have created for a selected time period (day, week, work week, month) and immediately get an analysis of this data. It tells you whether you are on target with your efforts and shows you time entries and expense by billing type.


Bookings are created as drafts and thus remain editable. By submitting them to your project manager their status changes. You can submit multiple entries at once and recall submitted bookings should you have made a mistake.


Time Tracking helps us meet our company requirements regarding time tracking in Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. Bookings are more precise and yet the process hasn’t become more complicated for our staff.

Simon Schwarz, Teamleader Business Applications

Time Tracking greatly simplifies the tracking of working time and occurred expenses, resulting in a complete record, which is the best preparation for invoicing.

Time Tracking can add a lot of important features to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.
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