Track, analyze, and plan your project portfolio

proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management allows you to prioritize and oversee your project portfolio, manage financials and resources, and gain valuable data insights for informed decision making.
Centralized overview

Centralized overview

Manage external and internal projects in one place, and view projects across your whole organization.

Data visibility

Data visibility

Visualize data for better decision making, track project progress, adjust resources quickly, and keep stakeholders informed.

Improved planning

Improved planning

Manage your projects within budget and allocate resources effectively with improved planning functionalities.

Your benefits

proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is our standalone solution to help organizations manage their external and internal portfolios simultaneously and across different departments to avoid common pain points like:

• Lack of alignment with business strategy
• Resource constraints
• Poor prioritization
• Insufficient data and reporting

If you’re looking for a customizable solution that will fit your business’s needs, look no further. The experts at proMX will help you get a quick and comprehensive overview of your project portfolio!

proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management includes:

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Portfolio management is an indispensable tool for making well-informed decisions that align with your organization’s overarching goals and objectives.

Demand management

Demand management

A structured approach to evaluating external project requests allows for a comprehensive assessment of effort, costs, and associated risks. The transition from project proposal to execution has never been faster.

Program and project management

Program and project management

Integrate a range of initiatives into your overview, and ensure the alignment of both individual projects and larger-scale programs with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Resource management

Resource management

Make sure you plan and allocate resources strategically, and distribute tasks efficiently, ensuring that high-impact initiatives receive the attention and resources they deserve.

Time management

Time management

Effective time management helps to predict project duration, and makes customer invoices more exact. Identify potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies in project workflows, and ensure that projects stay on track and are delivered on time.

Financial management

Financial management

Financial forecasting equips organizations with the insights needed to make informed choices about project prioritization, resource allocation, and more. The 2D or 3D matrix for risk management ensures a deeper understanding of potential risks, and lets you implement mitigation strategies.

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Key features of proMX 365 PPM

Portfolio overview

Choose between different views to see a program and the projects assigned to it: the project timeline, a table with KPIs (e. g. actual costs, effort), and a Gantt view for dependencies between projects for example.

Data overview

View all important project data in one place, for example priority, status, budget consumption, funding source, deadline, stakeholders, and sponsors.

Budgeting forecasting

Predict your budget and identify gaps between your initial planning and the forecasting. View the percentage (%) of budget consumed, and track project progress.

Portfolio and program budget

View the distribution of the overall budget between programs or different portfolios. Enables easy tracking of the overall budget, costs, and consumption, and helps you comply with company strategy.

Risk management

Manage risks that jeopardize the successful completion of strategic goals and balance the level of risk in your portfolio.


The reporting capabilities of Power BI help you analyze crucial data and make data-driven decisions.

Build your first canvas app with Power Apps

Learn how to get started with building your very first canvas app from a simple Excel data set, and how to navigate the Power Apps interface. We’ll help you with choosing between a canvas app and a model-driven app, and have collected valuable learning resources if you want to become a real Power Platform expert!

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Our customer projects

Microsoft partner proMX supported the leader in German rail transportation in implementing Dynamics 365 Project Operations and making it much easier to work with data, manage projects, and get a better overview on progress.

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