Process Optimization Process Optimization

Equip machine and other assets with sensors to monitor them remotely. Then, streamline processes on the basis of the data collected. This will allow you to produce more efficiently and to stay competitive long-term.

Product Innovation Product Innovation

Connect your products with IoT technology to gain real-time insights into the way your customers use them. You will be able to detect areas for improvement without having to wait for consumer feedback.

Portfolio Expansion Portfolio Expansion

With IoT and connected field service, you can turn your technical customer service into a profit maker. Strengthen customer loyalty by offering services that are complementary to products they are already using.

Our Industry Expertise

proMX has long been focused on supporting manufacturing companies with their digital transformation. Our industry specialists understand your challenges, processes as well as which requirements your sales, service and business intelligence software need to fulfill.
In years past, our consultants have accompanied manufacturing businesses in their development from manufacturing-only operations to full-service providers and helped them build their own IoT applications.
Our customers include companies specializing in ventilation and air conditioning, engineering, and industrial process instrumentation.

Our solutions for manufacturing companies

CRM and sales solution with embedded intelligence

Project management software tailored to your requirements

ERP solution with specialized manufacturing modules

Field service software that supports both dispatchers and technicians

a secure cloud computing platform that facilitates innovation

Low Coding tools which simplify application development

an IoT platform that provides a quick and easy start into the Internet of Things

Customer service software including AI and Machine Learning

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How we approach our projects

analysis and fit-gap workshop

course of action recommendations

software implementetion


technical support and maintenance



TROX GmbH set itself a big goal: implement one uniform sales system for its 70 global subsidiaries. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 it was able to harmonize its fragmented structures.

In moving to becoming a full-service, provider, Gehring Technologies GmbH implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is also collaborating with proMX to develop Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions.

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