Reduce costs with data and intelligence. AI-driven insights help you recognize which areas need improvement. Employ bots to make recommendations and rely on predictive care to avoid issues in the first place.


Service portals, automated resolution and bots help free up your agents for high-value interactions. Improved staffing and resource allocation speed up case resolution and help address demand fluctuation.


Make your customers feel special by providing a personalized service experience. Comprehensive contextual data let you interact on a personal level
and discover up- and cross-selling opportunities.


Service is increasingly becoming the number one differentiator for companies in all industries. To gain a competitive edge over its competitors, your business must deliver service that is top-notch, fast, smart and always available. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the app that will help you do so – across channels and devices. Through automation, employee empowerment, predictive care and other features you will be in a position to not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations and to gain their loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service includes:

Chat bot

Ensure a consistent service experience with the help of customer service chat bots. Artificial intelligence enables a chat bot to forward requests to a service agent when necessary to ensure fast and efficient service case handling.

Sentiment analysis

AI-based sentiment analysis lets you analyse your customer interactions and steer conversations towards a positive resolution. This enables you to identify levels of customer satisfaction and improve your support services.

Self-service portals

Provide your customers access to knowledge base articles and videos via self-service portals in order to solve problems quickly and reduce time investiment for all parties.

Omnichannel service

From chat and calls and to texts, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, allow your customers to interact with you on their preferred channel.

Customer surveys

After each service engagement, customers receive a survey to rate their satisfaction and evaluate the services they have used. This makes it easier to react quickly to customer feedback and optimize services.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

So called Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are used to define and track the content and scope of the services to be provided.




Customer engagement solutions are proMX’s strong suit. Our experts have taken a deep dive into the features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service and have already worked on projects involving Artificial Intelligence and bots. Consult with them to tailor the app to your business's needs!

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