Many energy companies currently undergo changes regarding their product portfolio and approaches. That is the perfect opportunity to change and modernize internal processes, too.



The challenge of the 21st century is to provide more and more households and companies with energy. Cloud computing and AI help to manage the logistics behind this mammoth task.

renewable energy

renewable energy

The Internet of Things is indispensable when it comes to generate, use and distribute energy from wind, water, the sun or other sustainable sources effectively.

our industry expertise

Over the last years, we have guided international players from the energy sector through their digital transformation. Their biggest gain: They are now able to plan, manage and execute all their projects in one connected system.

Since established energy companies cannot simply decide to start from scratch but need to be careful to keep existing data and well-working processes, data needs to be migrated and existing systems integrated with new ones. Thanks to our experience, we know how to make the transition from the old to a new solution as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Of course, we won’t leave you hanging once everything is up and running and will keep supporting you with issues and questions if necessary instead.

our solutions for energy companies

Comprehensive project management solution to handle complex projects
Collaboration tools for seamless internal workflows
Secure and easily accessible document management
Prediction tools to be prepared for upcoming energy trends
Centralized data satorage in the cloud to gain valuable customer insights
Connect to Smart Homes, Smart Cities and your own machines via IoT
Cloud environment for data driven business models
Low coding apps that enable professional and citizen developers alike to build innovative solutions

why microsoft dynamics 365 for energy companies?

Organizations working in the energy sector have to meet a growing demand for energy and at the same time find new, sustainable ways to do so. These challenges can only be successfully tackled with capable employees and a connected software landscape. Microsoft Dynamics 365 utilizes cloud computing and other new technologies to provide energy companies with:  

  • Resource and project management functionalities 
  • Capabilities to analyze customer insights 
  • Tools for trend predictions 
  • Sales and marketing automation 
  • Environment to build own apps and services 
  • Collaboration tools for great teamwork 
  • Secure and centralized data storage 

Improve internal workflows, customer relationships and your core business: generating, supplying and distributing energy. 

Get ready to face the future with Dynamics 365 for energy companies and proMX as your digital transformation partner! 

You are curious to learn how our digital solutions can support and improve your business?

White paper: Digital transformation of energy companies

Learn how digital transformation helps energy companies to overcome challenges and improve internal processes. To get an idea of how that can look like in practice, our white paper includes two case studies from proMX customers from the energy sector that digitally transformed their project management.

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proMX assisted the energy provider with the implementation of Dynamics 365. Integrating this solution with RWE’s prevalent system was one of the focal points of this project.
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