Purpose-built Purpose-built

Each key part of your business is catered to with a specific app. While you can use just one, they work best together and will transform processes across your organization and break down data silos

Productive Productive

Since your work is interconnected it is paramount that all tools can integrate with one another. Dynamics 365 and Office 365 work hand in hand across all platforms and devices.

Intelligent Intelligent

Use modern technology to your advantage. Dynamics 365 supports you in making critical decisions and identifying new opportunities with AI, data visualization and Machine Learning technology.

Adaptable Adaptable

You can build your solution as you go: add apps at any time and make use of seamlessly integrated partner-developed add-ons that meet specific industry requirements or company needs.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 views your business as one entity, which can only be successful if all cogs seamlessly engage with one another. It combines the best of both worlds: each department has a tool at its disposal that exactly meets its demands and all apps work seamlessly together to ensure that your team can do too. proMX has been working in the Dynamics field since its introduction, both as an implementation partner and consultant and as a developer of compatible apps. All our employees are Microsoft Certified Professionals.



With Dynamics 365, we benefit from a higher level of automation and can work and communicate more efficiently since we have all information ready at hand.

Eric Martin, IT-Manager International

proMX has been a trusted advisor to us for many years now. They helped us achieve our goals by figuring out the perfect solution for us.

Stefan Truthän CEO

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a lot to offer. Our experts will gladly talk you through all the apps, answer your questions and determine with you which combination would best benefit your business.


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