Complete control

Complete control

Track all costs associated with funded initiatives and monitor the progress of your projects to make sure all funds are used for the proper cause.

Neat documentation

Neat documentation

Thanks to the central document storage, you always have relevant documentation nearby. That way you can provide full proof of how you spent the money you received to avoid back payments.

Clear structure

Clear structure

We customize the solution according to your requirements.

The integration of Power BI and dashboards helps you visualize and analyze expenditures.

Your benefits

Considerable amounts of funding often just sit in some bank accounts without being touched, let alone put to effective use. We want to help you make use of these funds.

That is why we developed proMX 365 Smart Funding based on Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

We created the solution in close collaboration with an organization that operates multiple funded projects. In doing so it faced some bureaucratic challenges, which we scrutinized and overcame with the help of Dynamics 365 technologies. The result is our solution for the smart management of funding.

Support throughout the entire funding period

Quick start
Set up your funded projects and respective budgets in the solution in a few steps.
  • Reduced to essential functionalities
  • Easy to get started, especially for Office 365 users
  • Introductory learning path upon request
Simple management
See immediately how far your projects are and whether you need to intervene.
  • Overview of project progress
  • Central management of all funds
  • Individually defined project categories
Neat completion
Provide all necessary proof at the end of each funding period.
  • All documents in one place
  • Easy creation of final reportings
  • Avoid back payments

White paper: Realize funded projects in a smart way

The solution proMX 365 Smart Funding simplifies the management of funded projects as well as their cost control. No matter whether you are the leader of a start-up, a traditional company or an association – make use of funding! In our white paper, we show you how to manage it and feature a practical use case.

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