Who are we?

Who better to tell you about proMX than the man who founded the company? Microsoft invited our CEO Peter Linke to talk about our history, why we have a special relationship with Microsoft, how we approach customer projects and what we have accomplished so far. Take a look!

By the way: Since 2020, proMX has become even more international. With our subsidiaries in Miami (USA), Mumbai (India), Reading (UK) and Toronto (Canada) we aim to conquer new markets and win more exciting projects.

Our mission

We help businesses small and large transform themselves into digital organizations, supporting them in their efforts to become more efficient – in specific areas or company-wide. This is what we have been doing for years to great success. One excellent example of the advantages our processes, services and products bring to customers is the transformation story of hhpberlin, which we presented at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Watch the video of our appearance to find out more.


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