Create, structure and edit your projects in one view. Link project tasks in various ways with one another and use project templates for frequently occurring project structures.


Use the Controlling mode of the app to keep an eye on your KPIs. In the same view, the Gantt charts themselves also let you view the current progress of each project task.


Planning more realistically and being on top of all your ongoing and upcoming projects will help you keep your promises to customers: delivering results on time and on budget.

Your benefits

Gantt charts have inarguably proven to be an effective tool for project management. The multi-project Gantt view lets project managers plan, control and execute their tasks more successfully than ever. It is no surprise then that this app will increase your productivity significantly and help you work more efficiently across different projects and customers.

Essential for project managers

Successful project delivery is dependent on good and realistic planning.
Project Gantt for Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 Project Operations is indispensable in that effort.

Select the projects you would like to display using the various filter options available, or do a quick search.


Make changes to your projects, such as adding project tasks or changing task duration. You can also create a completely new project and immediately coordinate it with your ongoing and upcoming work.


Start by creating a realistic project structure for a potential customer and then generate a quote based on your proposal. The quote is created as a draft, allowing you to make changes before sending it.


Switch to the Controlling mode to keep your KPIs in view. A green or red light show you how your project or project task is faring regarding, hours, cost and planned cost.


Project Gantt is an important extension to Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, which we would not want to miss. It will enable us to keep all projects in view and better coordinate our teams.

Simon Schwarz, Team Leader Business Applications

The best way to determine if Project Gantt for Dynamics 365 is right for you is to try it first-hand. Start your trial version in your browser without any download to experience all the advantages.