Agility Agility

Customers increasingly demand high-performance, customized applications that are quickly available. To meet these requirements, developers must be able to react flexibly.

Customer Engagement Customer Engagement

Good software must be customer-centric. This requires not only close consultation between customer and developer, but also an open ear for the needs of potential buyers.

Efficiency Efficiency

There are far too few developers to meet demand. Make your software house an attractive employer by providing collaboration tools that enable people to work remotely.

Our Industry Expertise

Besides its digital transformation consulting business as a Microsoft Partner, proMX also develops its own software. We thus know the processes, requirements and challenges of development teams firsthand. This is a big benefit in customer projects since our consultants have to spend considerably less time familiarizing themselves with a company’s business model. Each company is unique, of course. Yet deep understanding of the industry, its processes and terminology saves a lot of effort.

Our software solutions for software companies

basic or advanced project management apps

Office 365 for quick and effective collaboration

CRM system, including sales automation and intelligent tools

a marketing automation tool connected to CRM

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How we approach our projects

analysis and fit-gap workshop

course of action recommendations

software implementetion


technical support and maintenance



With the support of proMX, the fire protection engineers have turned their company into a truly digital business which is focused on continuous technological innovation. Today, it also develops its own applications.

SoftwareONE nahm bei der Einführung von Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation die Unterstützung proMX‘ in Anspruch. In kürzester Zeit wurde die Projektmanagement-Software implementiert.

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