deal flow

deal flow

Keep track of your investments and potential deals with detailed documentation of your activities to quickly recognize connections and interested parties in your deal flow.

process optimization

process optimization

Ensure smooth processes at all deal phases that are tailored to your individual project approach, to meet your goals and ensure transactions are carried out in the best way possible.



Provide transparent information about the progress and status of your deals and investment structures in order to create targeted risk management and a basis for sales controlling.

our industry expertise

We know how essential it is for all those involved to quickly and transparently get a snapshot of both the progress and the most important indicators for ongoing investments. From numerous projects in the industry, we have gained first-hand knowledge of the challenges and needs of private equity companies. To any project we also bring our twenty-year expertise as digitization and Dynamics 365 partner with hundreds of customers to the table.

our software solutions for private equity companies

a secure and diverse cloud platform for central access to all project data
collaboration tools that help all involved work efficiently
a project management solution tailored to the complexity of your processes
Business Intelligence to track your company’s development

why microsoft dynamics 365 for private equity?

Finding an opportunity and evaluating it: that is where the investment cycle starts. It goes on all the way to raising funds, working deals, managing investments and offering transparency to all stakeholders involved.

Ideally, you want to go through all these stages as efficiently and as smoothly as possible, no bumps in the road. The truth, however, is: private equity firms, like many other companies, often lack a complete overview of their business processes and contacts.

Dynamics 365 for Private Equity is a business suite that combines ERP solutions and CRM solutions to help you minimize risks and accelerate profitability by providing you with:

  • A coherent contact history that lets you identify relevance
  • Collaborative tools and shared access to all important documents for all involved in a deal
  • The ability to make better decision based on data analytics

Would you like to learn more about how Microsoft’s cloud-based app bundle can help you boost your private equity business? Share your ideas with proMX, a leading Microsoft partner, and let’s talk!

Our experts will be happy to advise you in a personal call on what your company's digitization project could look like.

How we approach our projects

analysis and fit-gap workshop

course of action recommendations

software implementetion


technical support and maintenance


Learn which solutions we recommend for your business in a one-on-one consultation.