Digital transformation benefits

Agility Agility

As a digital business you will be less vulnerable to changing market situations because you can adapt processes, products and services more flexibly to circumstances and customer requirements.

Competitiveness Competitiveness

In this connected world, you compete with more businesses than ever before. You have to win over prospects with price, quality and service. This is possible only with streamlined processes.

Innovation Innovation

Products and services that are in demand right now might soon fall out of favor. Stay ahead of the curve with databased insights into product usage. Retain existing and attract new customers with digital services.

How we support businesses

At Microsoft Inspire 2017, we showcased what digital transformation has accomplished for our longtime customer hhpberlin – Ingenieure für Brandschutz. hhpberlin’s digital transformation started with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which brought order to the business’s enormous amount of project data. Today, the fire safety engineers are among the most innovative companies in Germany and are fully committed to cloud technology. Watch the video to find out what that looks like in practice.




A centralized, integrated platform puts an end to media disruption, endless paperwork and data silos. Such process optimization improves efficiency, transparency and reaction times.
Solution: e.g. Office 365


Standardized automated processes simplify work. Intelligent tools help employees learn from accumulated data, make smart decisions fast and let them work and collaborate more productively.
Solution: e.g. Microsoft Teams


Customers must be the focal point of any sustainable business model. With a 360° view of customers it is easier to understand their needs and adapt products and services accordingly.
Solution: e.g. Dynamics 365 Portals


A better understanding of your customers is the basis for developing and offering products and services that they are looking for. IoT and AI technology lets businesses reach a new audience.
Solution: e.g. Azure IoT

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Digital transformation starts where organizations encounter challenges: inefficient processes, heterogeneous IT landscapes and more. In our free white paper you will learn how to plan a transformation project, what challenges you will have to master and what technologies Microsoft offers for this process.

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Project approach


We offer systematic and result-oriented consulting services. At the start of each project, we dedicate ourselves to understanding your organization’s processes, requirements and goals so we can recommend a concrete, unique course of action.


During all stages of the project, we work closely to help them gain a good understanding of the solution early on. We also collaborate with exceptional partners to offer you a variety of different digitalization services.


Many digitalization projects fail because businesses take on too much at once. Therefore, we recommend an iterative process with clearly defined, measurable goals. This has the side effect of not overstraining your employees.

Which are your priorities for your business’s digitalization? Let us discuss them in a one-on-one call.


Our methodology

In twenty years as digital transformation consultants, we have accumulated a great deal of experience and best practices regarding project approach and system integration. We employ the following digital transformation tools and strategies when working with customers:

Digitalization Packages


In collaboration with our partner Magnify Innovation Consulting we offer three digitalization packages varying in scope. Magnify well conceptualize your digital transformation project with you, whereas proMX will advise you in regard to the right software and support you in its implementation.


  • Scope:

    One of the four digital transformation dimensions mentioned above.

  • Target audience:

    Organisations that want to tackle their digital transformation with little effort and risk involved.

  • Result:

    After approx. 2 weeks you will receive one or two rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.


  • Scope:

    Two of the four digital transformation dimensions mentioned above.

  • Target audience:

    Organisations that have already implemented some transformation projects and want to tackle other areas.

  • Result:

    After approx. 3 weeks you will receive two or three rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.


  • Scope:

    All of the four digital transformation dimensions mentioned above.

  • Target audience:

    Organisations that want to approach digital transformation holistically and benefit from synergy effects.

  • Result:

    After approx. 4 weeks you will receive five innovative rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.


From the first meeting with the Magnify team piqued our curiosity. There was no presentation, instead the entire session was interactive. It was a great experience that considerably surpassed my expectations!

Robert Werner COO

Without the assistance and support of proMX we could not have been able to get this done so easily. They have done a really good job.

Jörg Emmerich CRM Process Owner

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