In today’s globalized world you compete with more companies than ever before. You must win over prospects with price, quality, and service. This is possible only with streamlined processes.



It is true that you will have to spend money on new technologies and trainings of your employees now. But in the long run automated processes save you time and money.



Modern analytics tools enable you to gain valuable insights about your target group so you can optimize your business accordingly. Seamlessly connected processes help you improve your overall performance.



You can only grow if you make the most of your resources like commodities, data or employees. Streamlining your project and resource management is an important goal of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation for SMB and Enterprises

All companies, no matter the size or industry, benefit from digital transformation, each in their own way.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Especially for organizations that are not in operation 24/7, optimized processes contribute to a reduced workload for employees and better customer service.  

  • Higher availability beyond business hours, e.g. by implementing a chatbot on the company website 
  • Simplified customer service due to a central CRM system 
  • Automation of different recurring tasks like time tracking or preparation of invoices 
  • Cloud-based processes allow a higher flexibility when it comes to working hours and workplace, e.g. mobile work or working from home is possible 


Unify workflows and create a common ground for decisions and actions. That helps to motivate employees and increases their identification with the company. 

  • Better overview over project and resource management 
  • Central data base fosters collaboration between different departments, e.g. marketing and sales 
  • Common platform for all employees in corporate identity look and feel 
  • Infrastructure in the cloud enables working from almost anywhere 
  • Evaluation of customer data to improve performance 

How we support businesses

At Microsoft Inspire 2017, we showcased what digital transformation has accomplished for our longtime customer hhpberlin – Ingenieure für Brandschutz. hhpberlin’s digital transformation started with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which brought order to the business’s enormous amount of project data. Today, the fire safety engineers are among the most innovative companies in Germany and are fully committed to cloud technology. Watch the video to find out what that looks like in practice.

What parts of your organization would you like to transform?
Let’s discuss them in an one-on-one call!

Our digital transformation strategy in 7 steps

We work closely together with your team right from the start. Our strategy contains seven steps. Your vison and possibilities dictate the timeline and the actions of each step. Two proven scientific methods assist us and you: Following the Microsoft Catalyst program, together we define the goals of the digital transformation of your company and how we can best implement them considering your current situation. The Prosci® methodology focuses on the changes that directly affect employees, for example when and how to integrate a new solution into their existing work processes. Prosci® thus plays an important role in change management.
  • Define goals
  • Adapt processes
  • Find technologies
  • Involve employees
  • Create transformation plan
  • Implement transformation plan
  • Measure results
  • In the first step, we simply listen. Describe us what you wish to achieve with digital transformation and how you imagine the future of your company.
  • Together we then conclude which processes need to be changed or improved in which way. This evaluation may reveal that it makes sense to get rid of some processes altogether or to automate them using software.
  • Now it’s time to decide on the right technological solutions to implement and connect the newly defined processes as frictionlessly as possible. Microsoft, for instance, offers a broad portfolio of different applications for various business areas.
  • It is imperative to involve your employees in your plans at an early stage. Don’t just present them the facts and changes only when it’s time to execute them. If you let them in on your ideas, you can clarify questions and concerns in advance and diminish mistrust towards the changes. Change management is what you will need to apply here.
  • Once it is clear what is going to happen and everyone involved knows about it, it is time to compose a concrete timeline. It states exactly when which tool is introduced and tells employees when to switch to the new workflows.
  • Now we enter the hot phase: Implementing all new technologies and all the actions that had been decided upon before. Stick to your previously crafted timeline. Of course, we help you train your employees to properly use the new technologies and support you wherever else you need us.
  • To boost morale and motivation of your employees – and your own – it is helpful to document how the performance of your business changes for the better. A word of advice: Be patient! To really see the positive effects of your changes they need to sink in first.

White paper: Digital transformation

Digital transformation starts where organizations encounter challenges: inefficient processes, heterogeneous IT landscapes and more. In our free white paper you will learn how to plan a transformation project, what challenges you will have to master and what technologies Microsoft offers for this process. 



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Packages for you

In collaboration with our partner Magnify Innovation Consulting we offer three digitalization packages varying in scope. Magnify conceptualizes your digital transformation project with you, while proMX offers their advice in regard to choosing the right software and implementation.
  • Scope:
    We focus on the transformation of one aspect of your company, e.g. better involve customers or improve product management.
  • Target audience:
    Organizations that want to tackle their digital transformation with little effort and risk involved.
  • Result:
    After approx. 2 weeks you will receive one or two rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.
  • Scope:
    We focus on the transformation of two aspects of your company, e.g. process optimization and improving collaboration.
  • Target audience:
    Organizations that have already implemented some transformation projects and want to tackle other areas.
  • Result:
    After approx. 3 weeks you will receive two or three rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.
  • Scope:
    We will transform your entire company.
  • Target audience:
    Organizations that want to approach digital transformation holistically and benefit from as many synergy effects as possible.
  • Result:
    After approx. 4 weeks you will receive five innovative rough concepts, including schedules and action plans.

what our customers say

From the first meeting with the Magnify team piqued our curiosity. There was no presentation, instead the entire session was interactive. It was a great experience that considerably surpassed my expectations!
Robert Werner
 | COO
Without the assistance and support of proMX we could not have been able to get this done so easily. They have done a really good job.
Jörg Emmerich
 | CRM Process Owner

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