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Strong operations and reliable networks are the heart and veins of logistics and transportation companies.
Manage projects

Manage projects

Manage complex (infrastructure) projects with strong project management processes, and create high-quality reports and analyses based on comprehensive data.

Meet customer demands

Meet customer demands

Free your team’s time to focus on resolving complex customer service issues, and achieve higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Empower teams

Empower teams

Provide your team with everything it needs, such as vital information, transparent communication, and the right equipment, and boost productivity.

Our industry expertise

Only with strong, reliable transportation networks will people and goods reach their destination on time. Working with the biggest players in the industry has taught us about the importance of managing such projects – and others –, as well as (financial) resources and data in one connected, flexible system.

proMX supports logistics and transportation companies in managing projects for a future-proof network, optimizing their processes and empowering teams to deliver their best work and meet customer demands even in times of network disruptions and seasonal spikes in demand.

Our solutions for logistics and transportation companies

Unified sales and customer relationship management
Real-time tracking of inventory and shipments
Dedicated finance management
Building quick-win apps to boost productivity
Transportation management in logistics
Excellent customer service with AI-assisted chatbots
Robust project and resource management
Data presentation and visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for logistics and transportation?

Dynamics 365 is the perfect ecosystem for logistics and transportation companies that look to:

  • manage complex (infrastructure) projects
  • cover the entire customer life cycle with Dynamics 365 modules for sales, customer service, and technical field service
  • Set up a transportation management process
  • manage budgets, funds and other (financial) resources based on sound data
  • visualize data insights, and make data-driven decisions and analyses with Power BI
  • build low-code apps to empower customers and teams (e. g. order management, inventory management, customer portals, chat bots)

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based and modular solution that can be perfectly tailored to your business. There’s nothing holding you back anymore when it comes to optimizing your processes and data!

Don’t let separate systems, segregated spreadsheets and unreliable data hold you back.
Let’s talk solutions

Moving people and goods: project management for transportation companies

Building new infrastructure, maintaining existing one, pushing internal research and development: transportation companies face many complex challenges when it comes to project management. Digital transformation is what many of these efforts have in common. After all, the potential of modern technologies is tremendous. They can improve added value, capacity management, maintenance, incident management, and much more. How? Read on in our white paper.

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How we approach our projects

analysis and fit-gap workshop

course of action recommendations

software implementetion


technical support and maintenance


Our customer from your industry

Microsoft partner proMX supported the leader in German rail transportation in implementing Dynamics 365 Project Operations and making it much easier to work with data, manage projects, and get a better overview on progress.
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