Faster innovation

Learning Power Apps is a lot easier than learning how to code. Those who are supposed to work with the app in the end know far better than any professional developer what is required to optimize their processes.

Mobile first

Apps developed with Power Apps are designed to be used on mobile devices and can be distributed to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Use one of the many templates available to get started.

Cost savings

It stands to reason that in-house development would be a lot less expensive than outsourcing these kinds of tasks. But cost savings also come from faster delivery and out-of-the-box-connections and functionality.

Your benefits

Each business is unique. Therefore, you may not find the right solution for your organization readily available on the market. However, you know what you need and you have the best experts working for you: those who know the subject inside out and work with it every day. Even if they do not know how to write code, they can develop their own apps with Power Apps and optimize your processes faster than you may believe.




Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says: “In the future, every company will be a software company.” proMX believes low-coding is the way to get there. For an introduction to Power Apps and to assist you during some of the birthing pains, you can count on the proMX research & development team, which is staffed with Power Apps and Microsoft Flow specialists. The proMX team supports you in training employees how to go about creating their own apps and customizing them to fit your company’s needs. We also consult you in reagrds to processes and development.


Power Apps is a key tool in putting Industry 4.0 measures into effect. With it we can develop our own applications, directly tailored to our requirements, and embed them into our existing IT solution.

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Sauer, Project Manager Lean Management

We are constantly looking to expand the services we can provide. Power Apps allows us to easily put new ideas into practice and to provide additional value to our existing customers as well as gain new ones.

Stefan Truthän, CEO

Are you finding it difficult to imagine how Power Apps works? We can help you out with that.
Let one of our experts introduce you to the solution and some example apps.