Reinvent your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

There is always plenty of room in a business to optimize processes, make them more efficient and reduce costs. You just need to recognize them and take the necessary steps.
Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Make your entire organization operate more smoothly. This includes improving operational procedures, speeding up product delivery, modernizing business logistics and optimizing procurement processes.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Improving your organization’s performance goes hand in hand with keeping costs down. Achieve this goal with better insights and financial process automation, budget planning and other functionality.

Empower employees

Empower employees

Across departments, users will work more productively and adapt more easily to changing financial requirements. Transparency across the board enables everyone to make informed decisions more quickly.

Your benefits

Dynamics 365 Finance is the ideal financial management solution for medium to large companies which require a unified solution across locations, including those with subsidiaries in multiple countries. By default, It includes country-specific functionality and numerous languages. Retail, manufacturing and professional services companies will be delighted to hear that there are pre-defined industry-specific features for them. Additionally, the app is scalable and thus suitable for growing companies.

Microsoft Copilot for Finance

With the help of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, finance professionals can reduce the work time spent on manual, repetitive tasks, make labor-intensive processes easier and faster, and turn data into insights.

Explore Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: 

  • Streamline your data

    Streamline your data: Review your data across systems, and detect anomalies, risks and unmatched data. Customizable templates let you create and view the insights you need. 

  • Optimize variance analysis

    Optimize variance analysis: Save time with insights and reports from various data records. 

  • Create and share new insights

    Create and share new insights: Transform your data into presentation-ready visuals and reports that you can share with your teams in Outlook and Microsoft Teams. 

  • Copilot-guided prompts and recommendations

    Copilot-guided prompts and recommendations: Copilot is built upon Large Language Models (LLM) that are connected to Microsoft 365 apps and data. That way, you can create prompts for creating articles, e-mails or reports based on Copilot data and your internal data. 

  • Enhance customer communication

    Enhance customer communications: Personalize communication with the help of algorithms and tailor responses and recommendations with AI, improving the overall customer experience. 

Why partner with proMX?

Get specialist support for every aspect

proMX has an impressive partner network that includes strong partners with longstanding ERP experience. Through collaboration we combine our respective specialist know-how to offer extensive expertise for every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Add proMX’s industry focus and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and professional services, you can trust you will be in safe hands when starting your digital transformation journey.

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Since proMX’s founding over 20 years ago, we have grown both from a geographical and a technical perspective: today we have subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Asia and we are experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365. One of our areas of expertise is Dynamics 365 Finance. 

Whether small, medium or large organizations – we always provide the best possible working environment to our customers. That is why we implement and customize Dynamics 365 solutions as well as develop our own add-ons to extend Dynamics 365 with even more useful features.  

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Our services

There are two key aspects when it comes to making the most out of Dynamics 365 Finance: For one the solution needs to be tailored to your company’s requirements and for another, users need to know how to work with it. We’ll help you with both.


We will show you how Dynamics 365 Finance centralizes your complete global financial management in one app. Together we will then establish an implementation plan based on your vision and possibilities.

It includes technical and industry-specific prerequisites as well as security and compliance requirements.

We’ll teach all users the best way to use the solution before its go-live.

System integration

System integration

The implementation plan will serve us as guidelines when we customize the finance tool to your needs. The actual implementation will be carried out in agile sprints. That allows you to check every step and lets us adapt the solution along the way if necessary.

Our experts will embed Dynamics 365 Finance in your existing systems. Further Microsoft applications or proMX add-ons can be integrated seamlessly, too.



All Dynamics 365 solutions run in the cloud. That means you needn’t worry about physical servers in your buildings. All solutions are available on-premises, too, if you prefer.

The security of your data and processes is also ensured. All your systems are secured by multi-factor authentication. Employees can only access designated areas with proof of identity, e.g., a password and a code sent to their phones.



Do you have further questions or problems? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.

No matter whether there is a technical issue, or you need advice on navigating your new solution: our support team is available for you.

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