Frank Bursitzke
Apr 28, 2014 | Last updated: Dec 16, 2022
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If you have CRM 2011 and UR 15 you maybe know this error.

In your CRM organization you have added a custom entity and a system view for this entity. For the system view you have added one or more columns of an entity that is related to the custom entity (1:n).

You have created a custom report for the new custom entity, upload this report to the CRM, change the defaultfilter and save it.

If you try to execute the report, the execution fails with the following error on screen: “Reporting Error: The report cannot be displayed” and the following is logged in the platform traces.

Crm Exception: Message: Table alias <name> is not unique amongst all top-level table and join aliases.

Then you have an incorrect fetch XML in the defaultiflter of the custom report.

So to fix this there are two options:

  • Delete the report and upload it again
  • Directly update the FetchXML in the database

The second way is unsupported and only works for on-premises. But if you canot delete and re-import the report it might be the only way to solve the problem.