Peter Linke
Oct 21, 2019 | Last updated: Jan 14, 2021
Company News | < 1 min read

Our project management solution proRM Fast Start has received a big update. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 app is now available in the so called “Unified Interface” and several bugs have been fixed.

Benefits of Unified Interface
☑ unified user interface on all devices
☑ simplified app installation
☑ easier navigation
☑ quicker access to records
☑ more intuitive business process flow

Unified Interface enables streamlined user experience on all devices and for all screen sizes. Until version 9.0 Dynamics 365 was only available in the Web Client. While this interface still works, it will be deprecated at some point in the future and replaced by Unified Interface (UI).

Numerous bug fixes

In line with the update, several bugs in the app were also fixed:

  • New/Fixed: “Create Project Structure” button for fix-priced projects in Opportunities, Quotes and Orders.
  • Fixed: Incorrect page titles
  • Fixed: Accounts disappearing from a filter after refreshing
  • Fixed: Failed saving of time entries
  • Fixed: Changes to the start date of project tasks after editing project details in Project Gantt
  • Fixed: Endless loading of project structure in Time Tracking (On-Premises)
  • Fixed: “License expired” notification in Invoicing Manager
  • Unneccessary Console.log removed
  • Updated obsolete and deprecated code