CSI is a US-based financial technology and software firm that specializes in solving problems for community and regional banks.


In the United States, community and regional banks are the heart of local economies. CSI understands this; that’s why it is dedicated to helping community banks keep up with the latest technology and remain compliant with strict federal regulations. So, when the Kentucky-based company realized it needed a better way to track its task and resource assignments, it turned to Microsoft.

CSI works with clients that operate in a variety of markets, within an industry that has strict compliance regulations. This meant that its sales process was very complex: it required the involvement of two departments, multiple steps, and at least a full working day to generate the quotes needed to proceed.

Having already found success with the Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing Modules, CSI partnered Microsoft and proMX to implement Dynamics 365 Project Operations with proMX’s Advance Custom Processing tool to augment its functions. Using these solutions, proMX was able to create AI-powered templates that could be completed within minutes—instead of days—and eliminated the need to involve more than one department.

The more the templates are used, the more they learn. This allows them to generate new quote proposals automatically and suggest product bundles based on past success with similar customers. CSI has experienced a significant improvement in the company’s quoting and processing of new orders.

“The time and money saved on this task is invaluable to us,” said Patrick MacCartney, Chief Data Officer at CSI. “This allows us stay accessible to the community banks we work with, which in turn helps them fulfill their missions to serve their local economies.”