The Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern (LBV) e.V. is the oldest nature conservation organization in Bavaria. The LBV’s goals are the preservation of biodiversity.

The phoenix from the ashes

The protection of nature and the preservation of biodiversity have become more and more important to our society. The LBV noticed this trend in an increase of 10 percent more new supporters than the previous year. On the one hand, this is a very positive development; on the other hand, it is an organizational challenge for the LBV, because it means an increase in the administrative workload.

The old IT solution was not able to keep up with this growth, and eventually turned into a bottleneck. For example, it could neither acquire nor deliver all the information necessary for a proper relationship management. However, the personal relationship with the supporters is crucial. Importing donations used to take a lot of effort, too: Employees had to print bank statements that the bank provided them with digitally, only to then enter them into the system manually. Furthermore, the LBV wished for a clear presentation of their business figures in colorful graphics, which makes interpreting them and taking follow-up actions much easier.

“Something had to change.” Alf Pille asserted. A new IT solution specifically designed for the fundraising of an NGO was urgently needed.

This is where proMX came in. It is proMX’ specialty to solve tricky problems with customized Microsoft applications and to develop outstanding solutions. Using the Dataverse, the proMX team developed a custom solution for fundraising – based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. All relevant donor data is centralized, and connections between single sets of data are clearly visible in the system, e. g. affiliations between members of groups such as families. That way the LBV can target their supporters even more precisely. Furthermore, the data of the donors can immediately be visualized in Power BI and used from there.

The platform solution is seamlessly integrated in the Microsoft environment of the LBV. New features can easily be added and thus the whole solution can keep growing together with the organization. Since the LBV team did not consider the system’s working title “Dynamics for fundraising” suitable, they decided to call it “phoenix” instead.

The customer story for the LBV was conducted in close collaboration with Microsoft and can be found on the Microsoft website.

*Header photo by Dr. Olaf Broders, photo next to text by Gunther Zieger.