Janina Meier
Feb 19, 2020 | Last updated: Mar 6, 2023
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Important: This content is not being updated. For current news and information, please check our recent blog articles or the latest release plans for Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft’s new project management app will be called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations and become available in October 2020, it was announced today.

As we reported several months ago, Microsoft will combine the most mature features of three of its existing project management apps, Microsoft Project, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA), and Dynamics 365 Finance, in this new solution.

Project Operations will be part of the Dynamics 365 suite of cloud business apps. It will thus work seamlessly with the suite’s other modules, such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing or Customer Service.

Since Project Operations, like all Dynamics 365 apps, is based on the Common Data Service, it will also be extendable and customizable with the tools of the Microsoft Power Platform.

End-to-end solution for service-based businesses

Dynamics 365 Project Operations was developed specifically for businesses in the professional services sector. As an end-to-end solution, it covers sales, resourcing, project management and finances, thus covering the entire project life cycle of project-based services businesses without any disruption of media.

A glimpse into Dynamics 365 Project Operations. 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations will cover the following business areas:

  • Sales: starting with project quotes and streamlining the transition from sales to project delivery
  • Resourcing: allowing for best possible staffing of projects through automated resource scheduling
  • Project management: including high performing tools for project managers, and time and expense tracking for resources
  • Finances: featuring invoicing and project reporting and analysis even for global organizations


What is the future of Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft constantly improves their Dynamics 365 applications and adds features that empower users to work more productively. If you are interested in the latest release plans, follow the link provided in the article above.