proMX 365 for Construction is available now
Janina Meier
Sep 15, 2020 | Last updated: Feb 28, 2023
Company News | 3 min read

Fresh off the production line: proMX 365 for Construction is a project management solution specifically developed by proMX for the construction industry. The app is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) and perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of this industry, such as extended project terms, complex project structures and numerous testing and working steps.

By default, a software solution such as Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is not geared to such industry-specific requirements and too generic to be able to generate consistent data when used in a specific area.

Furthermore, the wide range of functions can lead to industry users losing track and not using the system in the best way for their specific use case and daily processes.

Our solution: proMX 365 for Construction

To provide engineers and architects with a better solution, we have created proMX 365 for Construction. We have adapted some general functionality of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation to meet the requirements of the construction industry.

With proMX 365 for Construction you can:

  • select construction-specific categories for sales opportunities
  • reference objects to specify what type of building is involved in a project
  • assign more than one industry to customers
  • structure and edit projects in a multi-Gantt view
  • get enhanced time entry reporting on project level
  • use a customized business process flow to reflect projects with different stages
  • consider and approve large budgets for construction projects

Overview of sales opportunity with object specifics

You may be wondering what will happen to this new solution once Dynamics 365 Project Operations replaces Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. After its official release, we will migrate our solution to Project Operations to provide users the most state-of-the-art project management functionality.

proMX is an expert for project management solutions

We have been a Microsoft partner for many years with project management software a particular area of our expertise. In fact, when Microsoft was developing Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, it asked us for support as an advisor and in a testing capacity. proMX 365 for Construction is the first of several industry solutions that we will develop based on our many years of experience in various specific industries.

If you would like to learn more about our industry solution, visit the proMX 365 for Construction product page, where you can get access to an exclusive demo video and schedule a consultation appointment with one of our specialists.