AutoCAD integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Janina Meier
Dec 3, 2020 | Last updated: Feb 23, 2023
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Until now, project managers for construction projects have only been able to plan the tasks for engineers in Dynamics 365. However, there was no automated process to link the planning results to the tasks or requirements. In addition, all drawings were stored isolated in different locations.

Thanks to Autodesk Forge this problem belongs to the past.

Let us dive deeper into what Autodesk Forge is, what possibilities it offers and how the proMX co-developed AutoCAD integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works.

What is Autodesk Forge?

Autodesk Forge is Autodesk’s cloud-based developer platform that lets you access design and engineering data in the cloud. Forge provides a set of web service interfaces that help create innovative cloud-based solutions.

Applications created in Autodesk Forge can

  • automate processes,
  • connect teams and workflows, and
  • visualize your data.

In practice Forge is used to

>> build Digital Twins,
>> visualize and analyze data,
>> transform photos to 3D,
>> integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,
>> create product catalogues and configurators, and
>> automate design processes.

With this, it is possible to build new services to address today’s connected customers.

AutoCAD integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The functionalities of Autodesk Forge are also useful for working on projects in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with AutoCAD, the CAD software from Autodesk that architects, engineers and construction professionals use to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.

proMX has been involved in the development of a solution to integrate and edit AutoCAD files directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. This practical and time-saving AutoCAD integration is already successfully in use.

The building model (left) is directly connected to the database (right) thanks to Autodesk Forge. 

Imagine creating a construction project in Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Your project has various assigned objects that store information for the project, such as design drawings for the different floors of a building.

Previously, static files were uploaded to Dynamics 365 and could only be changed outside the system. Autodesk Forge now allows you to edit files directly in Dynamics 365. Drafts are natively integrated into Project Operations as AutoCAD files. This allows users to work on a file in the system without having to switch to another application.

Changes can be both exported from Dynamics 365 to the drawing file in your local storage and imported into Dynamics 365 from the drawing file itself.

While developing the AutoCAD integration for Dynamics 365, proMX joined the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). This enables us and our customers to benefit from an extensive knowledge of Autodesk technologies in the long run.


Does Microsoft own AutoCAD? 

No. AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software developed by Autodesk. However, it is closely connected with Microsoft since Windows is one of its primary operating systems. 

What is Autodesk Forge? 

Autodesk Forge is now called Autodesk Platform Services. It is a set of APIs and web services that, among others, connect the software AutoCAD with Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform. That renders the collaboration between project managers, engineers, architects, and designers much easier.