Dynamics Week 22
Rebecca Annies
Dec 2, 2022 | Last updated: Dec 16, 2022
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At proMX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are our areas of expertise. Our team works with these applications on a daily basis and is always up to date on news and updates. At live events, and lately, more virtual events, we share our knowledge with partners, customers and anyone else who is interested.

For the third year in a row, the highlight of the year has been proMX Dynamics Week in November. On five subsequent days, there was a session on a topic centered on Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Teams or our solutions.

We have summarized the webinar content and linked the session recordings below. Enjoy watching!

Session 1: Dynamics 365 Project Operations – what’s coming?

Dynamics 365 Project Operations (PO) has been around since October 2020 and is now slowly replacing its predecessor Project Service Automation (PSA). If you are still using PSA in your company but aim to upgrade to PO, you should not miss this session. Sebastian Sieber, our Project Operations expert, explained how the migration works and gave his recommendations.

In the second half of the webinar, he commented on a couple of the many updates for Project Operations that Microsoft announced in October. Among them are features like revision and activation of quotes, Bring Your Own Scheduling and editable contour resource assignment.

Watch the recording of day 1.

Note: the session took place in English.

Session 2: What’s new on the Microsoft Power Platform?

Do you know Power Pages, the newest member of the Power Platform family? No? Don’t worry, Tino Rabe, Senior Consultant at proMX, provided an introduction. In short, Power Pages offers manifold possibilities to create your own website, thanks to different areas such as Reimagined Design Studio, Improved Maker Experience and a Learning Hub.

Furthermore, Dominik Rzepnicki, Technical Consultant at proMX, explained what PowerFX Formula Columns in Dataverse are and how helpful this function can be in daily business.

The topic for the last part of the second proMX Dynamics Week session was Power Apps grid controls. Gabriela Ruhe, also Technical Consultant at proMX, showed what has changed in this field with the most recent update and how the changes improve certain activities.

Watch the recording of day 2.

Note: the session took place in English.

Session 3: Let’s get ready for the time tracking obligation in Germany

It was announced a while ago and now it has reached German companies: the obligation to provide employees with a system to track their working hours. In this session, Sebastian Sieber first shed light on the current legal situation and addressed challenges that follow from that for employers. He then demonstrated how we at proMX overcome these hurdles with the add-on Time Tracking for Dynamics 365, which we developed ourselves. To make time tracking even more efficient and do it even on the go, we have launched the brand-new solution Mobile Time Tracking for Dynamics 365.

Watch the recording of day 3.

Note: the session took place in German.

Smart Funding – funds management for the public sector

On day 4 we held a joint session with Microsoft. The topic was financial funding and how organizations and public institutions can manage them comfortably. After Microsoft made a general introduction to the topic and provided an overview of the most relevant technologies in this regard, proMX presented its solution for this matter.

proMX 365 Smart Funding was developed based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The application supports project managers in optimally planning projects and corresponding budgets and monitoring progress. It helps team members to keep track of their tasks including deadlines. Different overviews and business analytics capabilities make sure to oversee the big picture with all funds in use.

This session wasn’t recorded, but please find more information about proMX 365 Smart Funding here. Or get in touch with us directly.

Session 5: Key topics from Microsoft’s 2022 release wave 2

The last day was once more all about updates that Microsoft made public with its release wave in October 2022. Anna Kubny, Senior Consultant at proMX, demonstrated the functionality and the use of the improved feature Modern Advanced Find as well as in-app notifications in model-driven apps.

Daniel Bach, also Senior Consultant at proMX, provided insights into news regarding Microsoft Teams. A highlight here is the integration of Dynamics 365 and the resulting possibilities for users.

Watch the recording of day 5.

Note: the session took place in English.

A heartfelt thank you to all speakers and all attendees! We hope we have been able to provide you with some interesting and relevant information. If you have more in-depth questions, we are happy to help! Just give us a call or write a message.

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