Dynamics Week 2023
Tatiana Hanebutte
Dec 12, 2023 | Last updated: Dec 14, 2023
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Artificial intelligence is arguably the most transformative technology to emerge in recent years. It’s no surprise, then, that AI featured prominently in this year’s proMX Dynamics Week. Over the course of seven information-packed sessions, experts from Microsoft and proMX covered the latest updates to and insights about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.   

Each year, Dynamics Week gives us a great opportunity to share our knowledge with partners, customers and all who are interested in keeping their Dynamics 365 and Power Platform knowledge up to date. Read on for a recap of each session along with links to watch the sessions in their entirety.

Unleashing the force of Microsoft Copilot & AI for Dynamics 365 Project Operations | with Sebastian Sieber

proMX Dynamics Week kicked off with a deep dive into Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Led by Sebastian Sieber, our first session covered the basics of Microsoft Copilot, along with an overview of Project Operations.

The second half focused on how Copilot can be used in Project Operations, including an extensive demo in which Sebastian demonstrated a few of Copilot’s practical applications and how to do them.

Challenges we overcame in the educational sector in Germany | with Mario Steinberg and Jennifer Scheckenbach*

One of the reasons we champion the use of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform? Adaptability. Each can be tailored to suit its users’ needs. In this joint session with Microsoft, we presented efficient time tracking solutions for the education sector.

Microsoft’s Mario Steinberg gave us a look at current trends in the education sector and real-life examples of customer success stories. proMX’s Jennifer Scheckenbach provided an overview of Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 and Holiday Management for Dynamics 365, two proMX products that improve productivity through efficient time tracking.

*German-language session.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Discovering the newest updates and features | with Sebastian Sieber

At proMX, we work with Project Operations on a daily basis, so we make it a point to keep our knowledge of it sharp. In this session, Sebastian Sieber once again discusses Project Operations and Copilot, along with other recent features like subcontracting, contour updates and more.

In the demo that follows, Sebastian shows Project Operations in action. He also gives a brief look at upcoming features for Project Operations, including UX and UI improvements.

Release wave 2: Copilot for Sales and Customer Service | with Stephanie Schenk and Dominik Rzepnicki

How can Copilot be used for sales and customer service? In this session, proMX consultants Dominik Rzepnicki and Stephanie Schenk demonstrate in detail the practical way Copilot can assist with customer service and sales tasks.

In the first half, Dominik gives an introduction to Copilot for Sales and Customer service and walks us through its integration in both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Stephanie follows this by showing how to link an email to different types of records. The step-by-step demos in this session are invaluable to any sales or customer service professionals looking to get started with Microsoft Copilot.

What is new in Dynamics 365 Project Operations – a roadmap | with Sameer Verma

One of the highlights of Dynamics Week 2023 was the presentation from Microsoft’s Sameer Verma. Held in our proMX Germany office and online, this session gave an extensive look at the role of artificial intelligence in Project Operations, directly from the source.

Among the topics discussed were Generative AI, ERP in the age of AI, Microsoft’s vision for AI-led ERP, using natural language, and much, much more. This session is jam-packed with information for anyone with a vested interest in the future of project management and of Project Operations.

Explore Project Operations and other Dynamics 365 modules in connection | with Jan Renken and Jennifer Scheckenbach*

Project Operations is great on its own, and it gets even stronger when used in conjunction with other Dynamics 365 modules. In this joint session with Microsoft, Jan Renken and Jennifer Scheckenbach show how professional services firms can benefit from combining these modules.

In the first half of the session, Jan explains how Project Operations can be linked with other Dynamics 365 applications while also highlighting benefits and challenges of this approach. In the latter half, Jennifer uses real-world examples from proMX customers to demonstrate how these workflows can be supported.

*German-language session.

Microsoft BizApps, Power Platform and proMX 365 PPM solution | with Malcolm Domecq

We ended Dynamics Week with an introduction to our latest project, proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management. Led by proMX’s Malcolm Domecq, the session began with an introduction to proMX and an overview of our product portfolio.

The second half brings an overview of proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management, a centralized solution for managing multiple projects. Malcolm then presents an in-depth demo of the product and its features, which include real-time data access, risk assessment tools, resource management and more.

proMX extends its warmest gratitude to all of our 2023 speakers and attendees! Your insight, questions and observations always make this a fruitful week of learning for everyone involved. If you’d like to keep the discussion going, or if you have more questions to ask, feel free to get in touch with us.

Although Dynamics Week is over, proMX provides learning opportunities year-round! Find our upcoming events here on our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.