The monthly subscription model allows you to easily add or cancel licenses. Users will experience unprecedented freedom to work during their individual productive hours anywhere in the world.


The software suite comes with a whole host of
built-in security features. Additionally, data loss prevention, mobile device management and regular patches and updates ensure that your data is safe.


Moving to the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office means your entire team will be working with the same set of tools. This is a plus for teamwork and reduces administrative effort.

Your benefits

Implementing a modern work space in your company will attract more and more qualified employees and increase the productivity of the whole team. Office 365 for Business includes both the productivity software that facilitates your employees’ work and the collaboration tools that connect them to their colleagues. It means that even if your team is spread far and wide, they can all easily access the same information and jointly pull in the same direction.




proMX has been a part of the Microsoft partner ecosystem for more than a decade. Our certified experts know the Office 365 product suite inside out. We will assist you in finding the right plan and support you with any technical issues you might encounter during use or integration with other systems.


Take the first step towards becoming a digital company with an experienced and knowledgeable team by your side that can also be relied upon should you wish to take your transformation further. proMX has both the manpower and expertise to implement and maintain Office 365 infrastructures. You will be working with a team that practices what it preaches and itself uses Office 365 daily.



With Office 365 we can offer each and every employee an attractive digital workplace. It also simplifies collaboration because everyone can be reached anyplace and at all times. We also benefitted from the best practice examples relayed to us by the experts from proMX.

Lars Ziegler, IT-Manager

For a global business like ours it is essential that internal communication can flow as unencumbered as possible. The services and tools of Office 365 greatly reduce the impact of long distances and different time zones between our teams.

Axel Winkler, Head of Global Sales Excellence

Office 365 includes many tools and services. Get to know them better in a free webinar hosted by one of our experts.