Peter Linke
Oct 31, 2017 | Last updated: Jan 15, 2021
Company News | 2 min read

Registration for our second ever Manufacturing Industry Event in Munich is now open. Together with our partner Microsoft we will highlight the potential of digital transformation for this sector.


Microsoft Germany and proMX will host our second “Manufacturing Industry Event for Innovative Companies” on 22 November 2017 in Munich. The event will take place in Microsoft’s Munich offices and will focus on those aspects of digital transformation that are particularly relevant to companies in the manufacturing sector, such as IoT, field service and project management solutions and process optimization.

Interactivity will be central to this event. In other words: We want to hear from you! Throughout the event and during different workshops, you will have the opportunity to tell us about your experiences, describe your individual challenges to our experts, and compare notes with your industry colleagues.Earlier this year, in February, we hosted our first such event.

Once again, we are glad to be able to welcome two companies that have already embarked on their journey towards becoming a digital enterprise. Dr. Marcus Sauer and Thomas Peinkofer of Gehring Technologies GmbH, an engineering company and supplier of many industries, will relay the company’s experiences with the implementation of cloud business software Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the development and use of its own IoT tools.

Also joining us is TROX GmbH. For the company, which is the European market leader in air distribution and air conditioning components, after-sales service is a crucial part of its businesses. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, it achieved a significant optimization of its processes in this area. Axel Winkler, Head of Technical Service, will tell you how.

Our keynote speaker will be Sebastian Hild, who at Microsoft works in the field of “Digital Business Transformation” and will explain why IoT and AI are key during such a process.

Also on the agenda – a tour of the year-old Microsoft Germany offices, or #OfficemitWindows as the staff have nicknamed it. The building in the Schwabing district of Munich is one of the most innovative office buildings in Germany. An employee will walk you through the building and explain what the “No Camping” signs that are scattered everywhere mean and who or what “Chantal” is. Get ready to be surprised!

Due to room constraints, the number of available seats is limited. We therefore recommend you sign up early to guarantee your participation. Sign up here.