White paper: The essential guide to Dynamics 365 Project Operations
Diana Mittel
Jun 17, 2021 | Last updated: Jan 11, 2023
Insights | 3 min read

What companies want: projects finished on time, on or not significantly exceeding budget, and transparency for all work steps. Reality, however, often looks different, because not every project is simple, linear and easily predictable. And the more employees need to work together across different departments, the smoother collaboration and exchanging information needs to be.

Company leaders and project managers alike know that internal hurdles are accompanied by external struggles: a competitive market, the hurdles until a deal is won and forever maximizing profit margins.

What does a PSA solution do?

There is a solution, though: It includes, but is not limited to Microsoft and Project Operations. You can trust us on this, because we know Dynamics 365 Project Operations inside and out. Thus, we are also able to speak from experience and say that the right software choice is decisive for successful projects, but does not automatically lead to success. The best software is of no use if your company’s struggles are rooted elsewhere.

If you are in fact struggling with finding the right software, though, we have some good news for you: We can help you out!

PSA stands for Professional Services Automation – and Dynamics 365 Project Operations is such a PSA software. It helps companies initiate, plan, execute and complete projects. It makes them more predictable and optimizes processes; both factors improve the productivity of employees and make the project business more profitable.

Let us introduce you to Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Introducing a Microsoft solution as a Microsoft partner is like stating the obvious, because it is part of our agenda – every day. Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a comprehensive solution for the project business and combines all project-related processes of a service company in one solution, from lead to billing.

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In our white paper you will learn what distinguishes Project Operations from other solutions, how to work with it and how to adapt it to your individual needs. And how an implementation partnership actually works, too.

“The essential guide to Project Operations” is now available for you to download for free.  We also recommend our introduction video to Project Operations if you are looking for additional information.