KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH refers to itself as “the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation.” Among its customers are chemical, pharmaceutical and mining companies as well as power providers.


For years KROHNE’s regional sales teams had been using different CRM systems. Triggered by swift changes in the market, KROHNE was already in the midst of a change process during which its processes and IT systems were to be optimized. As part of this development, the decision to implement a globally unified customer relationship management system was taken. One of the main reasons for it being the increasingly obvious inefficiencies of the current solutions and the good experience made with the implementation of a unified ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM won out over systems such as Salesforce and Oracle. It was selected due to its seamless integration with the existing aforementioned ERP system Infor ERP LN and its flexibility, which allowed for a detailed customization of processes and functionality according to the requirement of the company.

The collaboration between proMX and KROHNE began in May 2011 with workshops during which the manufacturing company’s sales teams shared their experiences with the implementation partner. At the same time, the Microsoft Partner’s team learned to understand the customer’s processes.

The new software, now customized according to KROHNE’s requirements and closely integrated with the ERP software, went live a year later, instantaneously in America and 15 European countries. Today 25 locations work with Dynamics 365 Sales. The focus of the solution lies on activity management, quote and order tracking, opportunity management for international project coordination as well as trade fair organization and workshop management.

Jörg Emmerich, Process Owner CRM at KROHNE, is happy with the results: “With Dynamics 365, we have succeeded in streamlining our sales processes. We are able to work and to communicate more efficiently since we have all information ready at hand and benefit from a high level of automation.” The feedback from staff is positive, too: “Due to the complex ERP interface landscape and the tight duration, the workload was at times really high. Without the support and assistance of proMX we would not have been able to implement the solution so quickly. They have done a really good job! We are still very satisfied with our collaboration.”