Frank Bursitzke
Mar 20, 2015 | Last updated: Dec 16, 2022
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This month I had a simple task regarding a business process, I mentioned. The workflow should assist the processing of cases. There was the need for escalating Email 7 days after the case was created. In the Email a link should be included that points direcly to the case.

First it sounded really trvial to me. But than I noticed that there is no ID value or something similar available in the Workflows of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I was a LITTLE surprised. Out of the bos it is not possible to include a direct hyperlink to an entity. From the regarding record it is possible to call the entity as an parameter, e.g. Account->account, to to define it as regarding object, but if you use this parameter in a text area you only get the value of the primary attribute. That’s not nice.

So I was forced to bring in a other solution.  After some searching in the internet I found several articles regarding this subject. Here is a short list of the articles.