Peter Linke
Jun 12, 2018 | Last updated: Jan 15, 2021
Company News | 2 min read

DigitalReadiness, our first non-industry specific information and networking event, took place on 6 June in Microsoft in Munich-Schwabing. Since February 2017 we have hosted several digitization events with Microsoft, tailored to professional services and manufacturing companies. To offer a broad spectrum of insight into the possibilities offered by digitization this time around, we invited some of our partner companies to join the line-up, namely Magnify Innovation and Intershop Communications.

As always, the event was interactive. All participants were encouraged to actively take part throughout the day by telling us about their situation, requirements, challenges and goals, getting answers to their questions from our speakers and by networking with our experts and the other guests.

Of particular value to participants was the best practice example delivered by Laurenz Lensing of TROX GmbH. He explained very thoroughly how the company, with the support of proMX, has been able to streamline its sales processes – walking the audience through the entire process, from the initial analysis to the project plan.

Also on the agenda was a guided tour through the Microsoft Germany headquarters, which is one of the most modern office buildings in the country, allowing visitors to see modern workplaces in reality.

Have a look at our gallery to get a sense of the event.