Rebecca Annies
Aug 19, 2021 | Last updated: Jan 11, 2023
Company News | 2 min read

Microsoft selected proMX to be featured in the #BuildFor2030 campaign. In the next weeks, Microsoft will be promoting proMX’ service for NGOs, a free briefing about how Dynamics 365 technologies can specifically support non-profit organizations, among other solutions.

The campaign

As partner to the United Nations, Microsoft initiated the campaign #BuildFor2030 to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are made up of 17 initiatives that thrive to create a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable world by 2030. For their own campaign, Microsoft focuses on 5 topics:

  • gender equality
  • climate action and sustainability
  • digital inclusion and accessibility
  • enabling non-profits
  • empowering communities

Microsoft highlights partners that offer solutions or services in alignment with these topics.

Free briefing for NGOs

Enabling nonprofits – this is where proMX comes in. The Microsoft partner has a special offer for NGOs: In a free 2-hour briefing, they can learn about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies. The experts from proMX explain NGOs the smart use of the tools. For example, they show how to make fundraising more transparent, how to manage donations and how to best build and keep personal relationships with donors, volunteers and partners.

Since every organization is unique, proMX addresses the individual questions and concerns of NGOs making use of this consulting session. Having helped NGOs to step up their technological game before, proMX knows what they are talking about – not to mention their long experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft considers proMX’ service for NGOs a valuable contribution to enable non-profits and thus decided to feature it via their campaign landing page and other social media.

In the end, it is a joint effort to accelerate positive change and #BuildFor2030.

Learn more about the free service for NGOs.