Digital transformation of energy companies
Diana Mittel
Feb 15, 2022 | Last updated: Jan 11, 2023
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The energy market has changed radically in only a few years: a shift in energy resources, new rules and regulations, competition, emancipated consumers. It is energy companies that face these challenges now – and need to solve them. How? With the help of the cloud, of business apps, of collaboration tools: with the help of digital transformation.

Digital transformation has long been on the agenda of successful companies; the COVID-19 crisis only accelerates a trend that existed before.

Benefits of digital transformation

proMX is familiar with the energy sector. We learnt from various projects with leading energy companies that the bigger the company, the more complex its challenges. Regardless of size though they all benefit in the end:

  • You save process costs.
  • Your sales increase.
  • You gain valuable data insights.
  • Your customers will be more satisfied.
  • You become a more attractive employer.
  • Your innovative power increases.

Learn more about the benefits of digital transformation for small, medium-sized and large companies in our latest white paper.

More efficient internal processes

proMX has experience with working with different companies from the energy sector and offering them a helping hand with their digital transformation. In the two case studies we collected for you, you will learn how these companies were able to optimize their project management by implementing and adapting modern and customizable tools.

Preview: A surge of energy

Preview: Unexpected challenges, unexpected results

With our whitepaper “Digital transformation of energy companies” you’ll receive an overview of the challenges and benefits of digital transformation as well as two real-life examples across seven pages: download now!