Transforming industries with AI
Janina Meier
Oct 10, 2023
Insights | 5 min read


In recent years, many companies in various industries have already taken their first steps with artificial intelligence (AI). They are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from the competition. Industry-specific solutions supported by Microsoft Cloud are the fastest way to make a difference.

Learn how to leverage industry-relevant AI technologies to accelerate innovation, rapidly scale time-to-market, and win new customers.

Key drivers behind the adoption of AI in various sectors

Technological innovations are on the rise and are coming to market with increasing speed and frequency. To help shape the future, the use of artificial intelligence offers outstanding opportunities for almost every industry:

  • increase business efficiency
  • expand employees’ expertise
  • reduce costs
  • enhance data security
  • develop products
  • provide better service to customers

In this video from Microsoft Inspire you will learn more about Microsoft’s new industry growth strategy and investments.

How the Microsoft Cloud is accelerating AI transformation in various industries

Microsoft Cloud is known as the most trusted, comprehensive, and integrated cloud, creating great value across industries. Read on to see how AI is transforming various industries and what benefits Microsoft Cloud entails.


In manufacturing companies, products, supply chains and customer requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Microsoft Cloud solutions and Artificial Intelligence can help organize your processes, supply chains, inventory and workforce even more efficiently.

Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing

  • increases agility, safety, productivity and innovation for the smart factory of the future.
  • optimizes transparency, agility, and profitability across the supply chain with intelligent planning, sales forecasting, and traceability.
  • connects service and production workers, office staff, and customers with tools for secure collaboration and information management.
  • improves customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and profit margins.

Siemens has significantly accelerated its development processes with Azure Machine Learning, cutting development time from several months to just a few weeks. Thanks to precise predictions of operating figures, production is calculated accurately, and additional costs can be avoided.


The challenges faced in construction project management are highly complex, with a focus on contract management, project planning, and the organization of costs and resources. By implementing Microsoft’s cloud solution, you can address the unique challenges of construction projects.

Microsoft Cloud for construction

  • supports proper contract management.
  • optimizes project planning for your construction projects.
  • helps you keep track of costs and resources.
  • ensures complete documentation, as all relevant information is available in one place.

The technology group for construction services Strabag developed a risk management solution based on artificial intelligence to identify potentially risky projects. This makes it possible to increase operating efficiency and reduce financial losses.

The solution, based on Azure OpenAI Service, allows Strabag to assess the potential impacts of a project in its earliest stages by comparing it against all its realized projects.


Energy companies have to meet a growing demand for energy. Cloud computing and other modern technologies help predict energy trends, store data securely and centrally, and analyze customer data.

With Microsoft Cloud for energy

  • you can improve generation and distribution reliability through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • you get real-time insights into processes along the entire energy value chain.
  • it is possible to develop custom solutions that allow you to modernize your operations.

The energy company EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG relies on a Virtual Power Plant and automation based on Microsoft Azure to manage its processes. This is how the company manages to cover the entire business and customer processes with only around 20 employees.


In the healthcare industry, E-health platforms help reduce on-site appointments, adapt training plans automatically, and enable patients and therapists to carry on a continuous dialogue.

With Microsoft Cloud for healthcare

  • you protect privacy and confidential health information throughout the medical care process.
  • you improve clinical and operational insights, enabling you to achieve savings and optimize outcomes.
  • you reduce the administrative burden to optimize time with patients.
  • you optimize collaboration in expert teams by simplifying workflows and better networking employees.

Orthopedic technology specialist Ottobock is perfecting its high-tech prostheses using intelligence from the cloud. Thanks to so-called digital twins, manual processes, such as taking measurements and creating plaster casts, are gradually replaced with a body scan.

Financial services

Microsoft Cloud for financial services

  • provides a comprehensive overview of the financial situation of your customers.
  • optimizes your workflows, communication and productivity and thus also improves the customer experience.
  • supports the identification of emerging criminal activity and appropriate responses to protect your business, customers, and revenue from financial crime.
  • takes inventory of risks, simplifies implementing controls, and meets evolving regulatory requirements.

The company FUJIFILM Business Innovation no longer focuses only on providing office equipment, but also on offering solutions that support customers’ digital transformation. Along with this new business endeavor, FUJIFILM has developed an AI solution in Azure for payment transactions to automate 20% of manual processes.

Microsoft’s future vision for AI-powered industries

Microsoft continues to drive the use of AI in the future and is convinced that cloud industry solutions make companies more resilient and accelerate innovation. Artificial intelligence is expected to become a transformative tool for every industry. With the new Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, every Microsoft partner will be empowered to deliver value to their customers by leveraging Microsoft AI and the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft’s goal is always to support its partners and customers with solutions and expert knowledge. The focus is therefore primarily on individual cloud applications for different industries in order to optimally meet industry-specific requirements. In this way, Microsoft wants to enable every organization to accelerate its own transformation and achieve more.

The potential of artificial intelligence

Companies in every industry and every economic sector need to rethink their ways of working and business models to be able to respond to the changing requirements of their customers. Using AI automates routine tasks, helps identify and avert threats faster, and boosts creativity and productivity. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, and the Microsoft Cloud is accelerating this transformation across the industry.