Tatiana Richards Hanebutte
Nov 23, 2023 | Last updated: Dec 20, 2023
Company News | 3 min read

Sometimes, managing a full project portfolio can feel like standing in the middle of a busy factory: there is a lot of different activity happening around you, but it’s hard to get a clear idea of how it all works together. At times like this, you need something that can help you zoom out and see the full picture.

That’s what proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management aims to do. Our newest product provides companies with a centralized approach to managing multiple projects by putting critical information, such as budgets, timelines and resources together in one easy-to-access location. This gives decision makers access to real-time information, enabling them to make data-informed choices that align with their organization’s strategic goals.

proMX 365 Project Portfolio Management

Comprehensive portfolio overview

proMX 365 PPM aims to solve the problems that come with managing multiple projects and programs. By creating a central location for projects and programs, proMX 365 PPM provides an easy-to-access view of an organization’s entire project and program portfolio.

Access all project and program information in one easy-to-access location.

Increased data visibility

proMX 365 PPM brings relevant, real-time data to the forefront, making it easy to track progress and adjust resources as necessary.

Centralized, real-time data enables informed decision making.

Budget forecasting

Built-in tools for financial forecasting empower leaders to make informed decisions around resource allocation, project prioritization and more.

Financial forecasting information helps leaders make decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals.

Budget overview and details

Clear breakdowns of budget totals and distribution across an organizations project portfolio make it easy to keep track of costs and stay aligned with corporate strategy.

Easily keep track of costs with up-to-the-moment budget information.

Risk management

Risk management tools help mitigate factors that threaten to derail a project’s success. Additionally, they help ensure the level of risk is balanced throughout the project portfolio.

Avoid project pitfalls with built-in risk assessment tools.


As a global leader in project management, proMX has built on its decades of experience to deliver an easy-to-implement project portfolio management tool designed to help organizations succeed.

proMX 365 PPM is now available on Microsoft AppSource. To learn more, visit our website or contact our sales team at look@promx.net.