Peter Linke
Jan 21, 2020 | Last updated: Mar 6, 2023
Company News | 2 min read

proMX CEO Peter Linke was recently a guest on Microsoft MVP Mark Smith’s Power Platform Show podcast. In a wide-ranging 47-minute interview, they discussed various matters pertaining to the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, including:

  • How proMX became a Dynamics 365 expert (5:20)

Peter founded proMX in 2000 and the company took the chance to work with MS CRM (now known as Dynamics 365) as soon as it was launched in 2003 and started building and growing expertise.

  • Our ISV journey and Microsoft’s ISV Connect Program (10:50)

proMX had developed a project management solution and started selling it when Microsoft revealed their plan to launch their PSA solution Dynamics 365 Professional Services Automation (PSA). So instead of building entirely new solutions, we now focus on creating business add-ons for Dynamics 365.

  • proMX’s software solutions (18:40)

There are proMX add-ons to extend PSA in terms of time tracking, approval management and multi-customer, multi-project handling with Gantt, a solution for managing invoices and a few more.

  • Our partnerships with other Dynamics partners around the globe (19:30)

Only through the support of the international partner network, we could expand our business to other parts of the world like Mexico, Brazil and other European countries.

  • Peter’s recommendations to start-up ISVs (28:30)

The right product idea is key to starting a successful company. But of course, there are other factors to consider as well, such as the right value proposition and ways to generate leads. Peter also reveals proMX’s experience and best practices for working with AppSource leads

  • Advice on developing a great working relationship with Microsoft (39:24)

One piece of advice is to try to establish personal relationships with Microsoft professionals, for example, at (local) events.

  • Pitfalls and advice for ISVs (41:44)

Tune in to hear Peter’s valuable tips.
You can listen to the show here:

Peter shared a lot of insights that are valuable for any Microsoft Partners interested in becoming a successful Independent Software Vendor (ISV). It is also of interest to those interested in joining our global partner network, the Project Service Alliance.

To find out more about the Project Service Alliance, which aims to promote Dynamics 365 project management expertise worldwide, check out our dedicated program site or directly contact proMX’s Partner Development Manager, Kseniya Verpeta.